Meet Our Surgeon

Dr. Bernard Salameh MD, AFACS

After training as a surgeon at Yale University, Dr. Bernard Salameh trained as a plastic surgeon at the prestigious Vanderbilt University. His education was the foundation for his career as a plastic surgeon, but he has built on that since founding the Salameh Plastic Surgery and Skin Care practice. 

Plastic Surgery Center

Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Salameh Plastic Surgery and Skin Care provides patients with an innovative and science-backed approach to integrated skin care and cosmetic surgery.

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bernard Salameh uses his practice to help and educate people about topics related to plastic surgery. He has come up with new techniques for plastic surgery and uses innovation in his practice every day. 

Dr. Salameh combines his experience in plastic surgery, technological advances, and his artistic vision to come up with the best techniques for an incredibly natural outcome. His patients regard his work as among the best of the best. 

While Dr. Salameh always works toward innovation, he also focuses on non-surgical options for plastic surgery results. He uses technology and medical advances to do less invasive procedures than plastic surgeons had access to in the past.

Plastic Surgery is not just Dr. Salameh’s vocation: It is his ultimate passion.

Clinical Accomplishments

With a vision and purpose of moving the plastic surgery industry forward, Dr. Salameh has come up with new techniques and innovative opportunities for his patients and others. 

He has experience with clinical research and applications. With many peer-reviewed publications under his belt, Dr. Salameh is an expert in his field. In addition to prestigious awards and recognition, he has also been listed on the Medical Staff Service of Excellence. 

Dr. Bernard Salameh is a medical expert on “The Moms Everyday” show on ABC. He has also spoken at many national events and is regarded as an expert on surgical topics. Dr. Salameh is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Bowling Green, KY.

Salameh Skin Care

As part of his innovation and desire to move the plastic surgery field forward, Dr. Bernard Salameh has developed a medical grade, naturally derived skin care line. This is a line that is based on medical experience and innovation in the skin care industry. Dr. Salameh developed each product to offer patients effective skin care based on science and medical research that’s meant to help rejuvenate dull and aging skin. Since he is passionate about plastic surgery and less invasive options, Dr. Salameh is confident this skin care line can transform his patients skin and help those looking for skin care that has proven to work.


  • Associate Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
  • Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Nationally invited lecturer in plastic surgery
  • Granted the “Top Doctor” designation by RealSelf
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery
  • Research and manuscripts published in distinguished Peer Reviewed Medical Journals
  • Recipient of the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons KLS scholarship
  • Recipient of the Medical Staff Service Excellence Recognition at Yale University
  • Featured expert plastic surgeon for the ABC “The Moms everyday” TV show



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