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womans side view before and after breast augmentation bowling green
before and after breast augmentation procedure at salameh plastic surgery
woman before and after breast augmentation bowling green
performed breast augmentation before and after result
woman in mask before and after breast augmentation surgery
mid-section body result before and after breast augmentation procedure
saline breast implant before and after procedure
faster recovery after breast augmentation procedure
breast augmentation result before and after salameh plastic surgery
fully accredited AAAASF certified before and after breast augmentation procedure
amazing flawless breast augmentation result in kentucky
bowling green augmentation result before after surgery
woman before and after breast augmentation
before and after breast augmentation surgery in bowling green
result after breast augmentation surgery in bowling green
breast augmentation procedure bowling green
salameh plastic surgery before and after result for breast augmentation procedure
make smaller breasts appear larger after augmentation procedure bowling green
Midsection of Woman Before and After Breast Augmentation
firm breasts after augmentation procedure
breast augmentation result before and after
from saggy to firm breast after surgery bowling green
woman result before and after breast augmentation surgery
woman before and after cosmetic surgery
from small to bigger breast after plastic surgery
fullness of the breast after cosmetic surgery
salameh plastic surgery breast augmentation before and after
before and after cosmetic surgery -breast augmentation
Slender Woman Before & After Breast Implants
breast augmentation amazing result


Schedule your breast augmentation consultation at Salameh Plastic Surgery. It’s a very common procedure that can be performed as soon as the breasts are fully developed. A breast augmentation procedure is often used to make smaller breasts appear larger, correct the balance of asymmetrical breasts, or restore fullness to breasts that have diminished due to age or pregnancy.

Breast augmentation is performed in our fully accredited AAAASF-certified surgical facility.

The procedure takes less than an hour, and patients walk out of the office shortly after with minimal pain and faster recovery time.

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by Tessa Rios on Salameh Plastic Surgery

Dr. Salameh is committed to excellence, attentive to detail, and devoted to patient outcome. He is the epitome of professional.

by Tena alexander on Salameh Plastic Surgery

Dr Salameh and his entire staff are amazing. He and his staff go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.

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Breast enhancement

Having a breast augmentation consultation before a breast enhancement surgery will help our team to determine which is best for you to ensure natural long-term benefits. Breast enhancement with implants allows you to customize the shape of your breasts. The size and shape can be customized to fit your particular needs. During your consultation, our highly qualified Patient Care Coordinators will discuss your options in detail and help you decide what is best for your anatomy and aesthetic goals.

In addition to discussing implant options during the consultation, one of our amazing Patient Care Coordinators will ask the patient to follow some specific instructions during the weeks before the surgery that will help achieve the best results. Though chances of complications are low, any patient considering breast augmentation in Bowling Green KY and Evansville/Newburgh IN must be fully aware of the risks. The following are the primary safety risks that are associated with breast augmentation procedures:

  • The build-up of scar tissue can cause firmness around the implant. If this becomes severe, corrective surgery may be necessary.
  • Infections are rare but can develop if the surgical site is not cared for properly. This can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Deflation is generally harmless but can require an additional procedure to replace the implant.
breast augmentation flawless result at salameh plastic surgery
breast augmentation with lift bowling green ky


It’s important to schedule your breast augmentation consultation as soon as you start considering the procedure so you can make an informed decision.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that requires advanced surgical skill. The challenge of this procedure is to leave the breast looking as natural as possible while enhancing its size and shape. The patient must understand that no two breasts are exactly alike and that the results of a breast augmentation procedure will vary from person to person. The plastic surgeon’s task is to improve the symmetry of the breasts to the best of his ability. Patients with realistic expectations gain the most satisfaction from the procedure.

If you live in or around our area, schedule a breast augmentation consultation with our plastic surgeon to determine whether you are a good candidate for breast augmentation in Bowling Green KY.

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Salameh Plastic Surgery & Skin Care is a plastic surgery center dedicated to effective, natural-looking results for every patient. As a double-board certified plastic surgeon and graduate of both Vanderbilt & Yale, Dr. Bernard Salameh combines both a passion for his field with innovative techniques to benefit his patients. With an integrative approach to every procedure, our plastic surgeons use modern plastic surgery best practices and years of experience to create customized treatment plans made to reach each patient’s goals while giving the most natural, anatomically proportional outcomes.

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Breast Augmentation FAQ

Is it safe to get breast implants?

Yes. There have been significant advances in breast implants, and the procedure is perfectly safe when performed by an expert plastic surgeon. During your breast augmentation consultation, you can discuss your options with our professional team of patient care coordinators.

What types of breast implants are available?

We recommend silicone implants because they are soft and appear natural. They are also FDA-approved.

What does a breast augmentation procedure entail?

Breast implants can be inserted through a one-inch incision that is hidden under the breast fold for minimal visibility.

What size implants should I get?

One of our Patient Care Coordinators will help you to decide on the perfect size during your breast augmentation consultation. They will show you a variety of cup sizes and allow you to try them on to see what size you like best.

How long does it take to recover from breast enhancement?

Most people will be up and about within 48 hours. However, exercise, heavy lifting, and strenuous activity are not advised until at least three weeks after the procedure.

How long will my implants last?

Breast implants are very long-lasting. You can enjoy long-term results when you choose this procedure.

Will I have a scar?

Our breast augmentation procedure at Salameh Plastic Surgery is designed to prevent scarring. The incision used for this surgery is less than an inch and is hidden under the breast fold to avoid leaving a visible scar.