Before and after image of the left side of a woman's face after a buccal fat pad reduction
Before and after buccal fat pad reduction
Left side of a woman's face before and after buccal fat pad reduction
womans face before and after buccal fat pad reduction
Before and after of buccal fat pad reduction
structured and contoured face of a woman

A structured and contoured face is often associated with beauty. High cheekbones and a defined jawline is a look that both men and women desire. However, individuals that have enlarged or excess cheek fat can appear overweight, even when they are not. This can cause cheeks that look chubby or disproportionate compared to the rest of the body and distract from your natural beauty.

This can be caused by larger facial fat pads. Buccal fat is located inside of the cheeks between the nostril and corner of the mouth. If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your cheeks, there is a simple solution that may benefit you. With a buccal fat removal surgery, you can achieve the contoured and structured look you desire.


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This simple procedure is designed to reduce the size, or even remove, the buccal fat pad to achieve a more contoured facial shape. This treatment is a personalized solution that is tailored to each patient to meet their individual cosmetic goals.

womans defined facial structure
defined and contoured facial structure after buccal fat reduction


One of our patient care coordinators will contact you to assess your goals and buccal fat condition. All of our procedures are performed in our fully accredited AAAASF certified in-office surgical facility for your comfort and convenience.

During the buccal fat removal procedure, a tiny incision is made on the inside of the mouth and inner cheek to minimize the visibility of scarring. The buccal fat pad is then reduced using a specialized technique performed by one of our skilled cosmetic surgeons.

Following the buccal fat pad removal, there is some downtime. Swelling will occur but should subside rather quickly. The results from a buccal fat pad removal procedure can be immediately visible for achieving a defined and contoured facial structure.


If you are someone who feels that your cheeks are too large for your face, you could qualify as a candidate for buccal fat removal surgery. Other qualified candidates may include anyone simply wanting a more defined facial structure.

To determine if a buccal fat removal procedure is right for you or if you are interested in learning more about this effective treatment option for reducing the appearance of facial fat pads, reach out to us here at Salameh Plastic Surgery & MedSpa to schedule your free online consultation!

woman achieve contoured face
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Salameh Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is a plastic surgery center with locations in Bowling Green, KY and Evansville/Newburgh, IN, dedicated to effective, natural-looking results for every patient. As a double-board certified plastic surgeon and graduate of both Vanderbilt & Yale, Dr. Bernard Salameh combines both a passion for his field and innovative techniques to benefit his patients.

With an integrative approach to every procedure, our plastic surgeons use modern plastic surgery best practices and years of experience to create customized treatment plans made to reach each patient’s goals while giving the most natural, anatomically proportional outcomes. Contact us today.

Buccal Fat Removal Surgery FAQ

What is the recovery process after buccal fat removal surgery?

You should be able to enjoy most normal activities after your buccal fat removal surgery, though most patients will have about 3 to 4 days of social downtime to let the heaviest swelling subside. The remaining swelling should disappear within about 3 weeks. Your doctor may also advise you to take certain medications and rinse the area with mouthwash to prevent oral infection during the recovery period. Be sure to heed all of your doctor’s recommendations.

Can buccal fat be restored to the face?

Buccal fat removal surgery is a type of cheek reduction procedure. Once the fat has been removed from the cheek, the effect is permanent. For this reason, it’s very important to work with a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Salameh or Dr. Saba who knows precisely how much fat to remove. If the plastic surgeon removes too much fat, the cheeks may take on a sunken or deflated look over time. Dr. Salameh and Dr. Saba both excel in precise cheek contouring so that the results still look fantastic even decades after the buccal fat removal surgery.

Does buccal fat removal make you age faster?

In the past, buccal fat removal was a source of controversy because some doctors were removing too much tissue. This caused patients to show premature signs of aging as the face took on a hollow appearance in the years following the cosmetic surgery. However, in recent years, skilled plastic surgeons like Dr. Salameh and Dr. Saba have perfected the art of buccal fat removal by eliminating just enough fat to contour the face while still leaving enough to support the skin. A skilled plastic surgeon should leave at least half of the buccal fat intact, ensuring the optimal aesthetic result in both the short and long term. 

How long does buccal fat removal surgery take?

The buccal fat removal procedure only takes about 30 minutes and is generally performed under a local anesthetic (general anesthesia may also be available to patients who prefer it). The doctor makes a simple incision inside the mouth and removes tissue from the facial fat pads. The cheek is then sealed with dissolvable stitches, and the patient is free to go as soon as the anesthesia wears off. Some patients return to work as early as the same day (though this generally isn’t recommended).