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Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is one of the most performed facial cosmetic procedures in the United States. It involves removing excess fat, muscle or skin from the upper and lower eyelids to solve the problem of drooping eyelids or eyelashes that may impair vision. With blepharoplasty, patients have been able to refresh the appearance of their eyes. This procedure can last anywhere between one to three hours. The surgeon will place incisions around the creases of the upper eyelid and sometimes along the outer lower rim of the eye’s skin. Dividing the muscle and tissue from the skin, the surgeon will then remove excess fat, skin and muscle from the eye..

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This procedure performed in our fully accredited AAAASF certified surgical facility. Typically, it is not necessary to stay overnight, as patients are sent home a few hours after the procedure.

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Salameh Plastic Surgery & Skin Care, located in Bowling Green, KY, is a plastic surgery center dedicated to effective, natural-looking results for every patient. As a double-board certified plastic surgeon and graduate of both Vanderbilt & Yale, Dr. Bernard Salameh combines both a passion for his field with innovative techniques, like Halo BBL treatment, to benefit his patients. With an integrative approach to every procedure, Dr. Salameh uses modern plastic surgery best practices and years of experience to create customized treatment plans made to reach each patient’s goals while giving the most natural, anatomically proportional outcomes.

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