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Nose surgery, also known as Rhinoplasty, is a nose-reshaping procedure performed to improve the structure of the nose. It can be done to correct a deformity such as a bump on the nose, provide subtle changes to improve your facial structure, or serve a functional purpose to correct problems in breathing.

The procedure helps to reduce a nose’s size, modify a nose’s shape, reduce or modify the nostrils, or correct injuries or birth defects.

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Nose surgery is increasingly becoming one of the top cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. Most surgeons suggest waiting until the age of 13 or 14 before choosing to have the procedure done, because the nose should be fully developed by then. Also, surgeons want to make sure the patient fully understands the risks and benefits of the procedure. Before the procedure, your surgeon will tell you that you should stop smoking. Drinking alcohol is also strongly discouraged. Because smoking and alcohol severely compromises blood flow to the skin, less oxygen will be available to aid in the wound-healing process, and necrosis (death of the skin) can occur.

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There are two types of primary rhinoplasty procedures. If the nose reshaping desired is major, an open rhinoplasty is performed, in which the surgeon cuts a vertical strip between the nostrils for a view of the entire nasal anatomy. For a less drastic reshaping, the surgeon will make incisions within the nose. The skin is then removed from the bone and cartilage of the nose and alterations to the bone and cartilage may be removed, reshaped or augmented as desired.

The procedure may take one to two hours, in which the surgeon will place incisions around your nose according to the alterations you would like to make. Typically, the nasal skin is removed and then draped over the new framework of the nose. In most cases, a nasal splint is also provided to help stabilize the nose.

The goal of a rhinoplasty is to create a subtle change to your facial features that will blend harmoniously with the rest of your face. The healing process is gradual. Swelling and minor bleeding is not unusual. Bruising around the surgical area may occur as well. Many patients have to wait a year before they can see the final results of their procedure. It is important to understand that results and healing time varies greatly between individuals.

Often times, a rhinoplasty is performed in conjunction with another facial procedure, such as chin augmentation. This helps maintain a balance on the face.

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Salameh Plastic Surgery Center is a plastic surgery center dedicated to effective, natural-looking results for every patient. As a double-board certified plastic surgeon and graduate of both Vanderbilt & Yale, Dr. Bernard Salameh combines both a passion for his field with innovative techniques to benefit his patients. With an integrative approach to every procedure, our plastic surgeons use modern plastic surgery best practices and years of experience to create customized treatment plans made to reach each patient’s goals while giving the most natural, anatomically proportional outcomes.

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