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Lipedema Treatment Options

Although there is no cure for lipedema, a disease that predominantly affects women, there are numerous treatments available. Learn about non-surgical and surgical lipedema treatments for the legs, hips, buttocks, and upper arms. With his integrative approach, Dr. Salameh understands how to treat lipedema in a variety of ways. Make one simple phone call to our office, and you can take the first step toward relief.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Lipedema

While there is no specific lipedema cure, various treatment options can control the condition and relieve your discomfort. As lipedema starts to develop, during stage 1 and the early days of stage 2, there are several non-surgical treatments that can improve your lifestyle and make you feel better.

Once you begin to feel discomfort or pain in the affected areas, there are a few lifestyle changes that you can make. For instance, changing your diet may help. In particular, stay away from foods with inflammatory properties. You don’t need to focus on calorie intake, because reducing calories doesn’t reduce lipedema fat. Instead, try the keto diet, paleo diet, or other plans that cut out inflammatory foods.

Low-impact exercise is a helpful lipedema treatment for legs. Any activity that benefits the function of your lymphatic system should have a positive impact. However, you need to be kind to your joints while building up your strength. Water aerobics are beneficial, as are yoga and Pilates. Light walking or bike riding are also good choices.

Another option is to wear compression garments. Look into compression socks, pantyhose, bandages, or braces. They can apply pressure to the affected areas and lessen your discomfort.

Discuss the potential benefits of lymphatic massage with your plastic surgeon. This type of massage can help the flow of your lymphatic system, which can alleviate some of the symptoms of lipedema.

Surgical Lipedema Treatments

Although there is no cure for lipedema, you can and should talk to your medical team about possible surgical treatments. Dr. Salameh knows how to treat lipedema with liposuction. The surgical removal of fat can improve your quality of life and significantly reduce the discomfort associated with the disease. Consider contacting Salameh Plastic Surgery to arrange a consultation with Dr. Salameh and his knowledgeable staff.

Advantages of Treatment

It’s vital to look into a lipedema legs treatment that will bring you relief. Proper treatment can keep the condition from progressing and improve your overall quality of life by decreasing the amount of pain you experience. Surgical treatment will also increase your general mobility — and it can boost your confidence by restoring more desirable body proportions.

Even without a lipedema cure, there are treatments available to you that will make you feel better and look better. Call Salameh Plastic Surgery today to learn about your options.