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Liquid Filler Facelift

A Liquid Filler Facelift may be perfect for people who want to freshen their appearance and take years off of their face. With the aid of dermal fillers and botox, Salameh Plastic Surgery can help you plump, relax, and fill in lines on your entire face. As a non-invasive procedure, it’s quick, mostly painless, and has minimal recovery time.

Liquid Facelift at Salameh Plastic Surgery

Before your filler facelift appointment, you will meet with Dr. Salameh to discuss your goals and target areas. He, along with our team, will recommend the procedures and surgeries they think will best fit your anatomic characteristics and aesthetic preference.

Once you come in for your treatment, we inject the areas of your face that were previously discussed to create new contours, plump sagging areas, and soften the appearance of wrinkles and lines while preserving natural facial expressions. These types of injections generally take a few minutes and can be customized to your unique facial features and preferences.

A Younger Looking You

At Salameh Plastic Surgery, we strive to help you achieve the younger-looking skin of your best years. With a focus on your health and safety, every cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedure is performed by our experienced surgeon, Dr. Salameh. He has spent over 15 years in the plastic surgery field helping patients rejuvenate their faces and bodies. Just read our reviews to hear what others had to say about his expertise and personalized care.

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