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Hair Transplant Before & After

The Best Hair Restoration Treatment

Regain your confidence when you choose our hair restoration procedure using ARTAS technology. Take a look at real hair restoration before and after photos as well as reviews from satisfied patients to help you discover why our patients chose Dr. Salameh and ARTAS for their hair restoration surgery.

The Salameh Plastic Surgery Process

ARTAS robotic hair transplant is an FDA-cleared technology that is utilized by Dr. Salameh to provide natural hair restoration. It offers minimally invasive, permanent hair restoration with like the results shown in our before and after photos.

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What Our Patients Say

How it Works

Developed by hair transplant researchers collaborating with physicians, the ARTAS System uses robotic technology to reduce human error throughout the hair implantation procedure. It is a clinically proven solution that never uses staples or stitches. You get precise graft dissection and follicle placement to ensure zero damage to your hair and no scarring on your head. You’ll never have to worry about how short you cut your hair to hide scarring from your procedure!

Avoid the long recovery time and unnecessary scarring and side effects from other procedures when you try ARTAS with Salameh Plastic Surgery.

Working with the Best Team

Many studies show that by the age of 35, over 50% of men have suffered from hair loss, thinning hair, or a receding hairline. Discover how Dr. Salameh and his team can help you fight back against disappearing hair and achieve incredible results through the ARTAS System.

Meet the Surgeon

Dr. Salameh is committed to achieving natural-looking results based on the patient’s anatomic characteristics and proportions. This commitment is reflective of an integrated approach to the profession designed to accommodate each patient’s specific needs by combining the most advanced aesthetic techniques, surgical and nonsurgical procedures, a rejuvenating skin care regimen, and a superior artistic eye to achieve the most natural results.

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