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Hollowed Temple Fillers at Salameh Plastic Surgery

Hollow Temple Filler

A natural part of the aging process results in the soft tissue and bone around your face wearing away. This causes changes to the shape of your face, and a hollowing of your temples that causes folds and wrinkles. The hollow temple fillers at Salameh Skin Care are a quick and easy solution to this loss of volume. With a long-lasting filler, we recreate the facial contours you had in your youth!

How it Works

Before we start this treatment, Dr. Salameh and his staff create an exacting plan to ensure that filling in your temples maintains the proportions of your face accurately. After the initial planning stage, we can start the treatment. Our hollow temple fillers are painless because we use a subtle numbing cream before beginning our work. There is minimal recovery time and the results are instant! You can take years off your appearance with these fillers, as they can help lift droopy eyebrows and eyelids — changing the look of your entire face.

Choose the Experts

Dr. Salameh has over 15 years of experience in plastic surgery, youth treatments, and skin and body care. We can carefully evaluate your needs and help you decide on the best course of action for anti-aging results. Learn more about our temple treatments or explore our other options when you reach out to our team today.