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At Salameh Plastic Surgery, we can help restore your confidence with an incredibly advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant surgery. With the physician-assisted ARTAS System, our plastic surgeon can help you regrow hair from thinning or receding hairlines. Schedule a consultation with us today to begin your journey to thicker, healthier hair.

The Robotic ARTAS System

During your consultation, Dr. Salameh will meet with you to discuss what to expect from this revolutionary robotic procedure and how to prepare for your hair transplant surgery. He will discuss your specific goals as well as answer any questions you have related to ARTAS hair restoration.

Once you’re scheduled for the procedure, the ARTAS System targets and removes natural groupings of hair from the donor area and they’re grafted into the areas you discussed during your consultation.

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Why ARTAS Hair Restoration?

Unlike manual hair transplants, the ARTAS System doesn’t require any suturing, staples, or stitching. There will be absolutely no removal of tissue or scarring of your scalp, and you can expect results after just one session. ARTAS also allows plastic surgeons to work much faster due to the precision robotics and intelligent algorithm programmed into the machine.

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What to Expect After

After the procedure, Dr. Salameh will discuss how your transplanted hair will regrow and what steps you need to take to care for your newly grafted hair. While everyone is different, at around 6 months most patients see noticeably thicker, fuller, permanent growth as a result of hair transplant surgery. They can also expect to see continued growth over time!

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