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Non-Surgical Services: Hair Transplant

A hair transplant procedure can be a wonderful way to combat any issues with hair loss or thinning hair, and rejuvenate your overall appearance. Dr. Salameh is among the most trusted providers of hair transplants in Louisville and Bowling Green. Are you ready to restore your hair to its natural state, improve your confidence, and benefit from a more youthful appearance? Let Dr. Salameh help you get the results you deserve.

Hair Transplants with Salameh Plastic Surgery

When you choose us for your hair transplant procedure, you’re choosing a doctor who is committed to helping you achieve your very best. All of our hair transplants are performed as a non-surgical procedure in our private and comfortable Bowling Green offices. Hair transplants offer a permanent solution to thinning hair and baldness, and we’ve helped many patients—both men and women—gain confidence with artful, natural results that leave them feeling more like themselves.

Patient Care is Our Priority

Dr. Bernard Salameh and the rest of the team at Salameh Plastic Surgery will do everything in their power to make sure you feel comfortable and cared for during every step of your hair transplant procedure. You’ll be able to recover quickly and enjoy lasting results without any complicated maintenance, and you can relax knowing that you’re in the best hands with Dr. Salameh and our highly dedicated and skilled team.

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Ready to learn more about options for hair transplant in Louisville and Bowling Green? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and address any initial questions you have—we’ll be delighted to assist you.