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Signs of a Bad Tummy Tuck

November 3, 2022

Are worried about one of the signs of a bad tummy tuck? Salameh Plastic Surgery will discuss and let you know all the warning signs you need to check!

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Massage woman sagging belly with hands closeup, folds on stomach, loose skin and cellulite. Naked overweight plus size girl on pink background in blue underwear. Concept of tummy tuck

Liposuction Results Week By Week

October 28, 2022

Are you excited to see and feel your new body? Well, let’s count down the weeks of what to expect after your liposuction surgery!

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Recovery Time for Breast Implants

October 26, 2022

Planning to get breast surgery in the future but worried about the recovery time? We will give you all the details about how long and what you should do!

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Cropped shot of young woman wrapped in elastic bandage after breast augmentation isolated on white background.