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How Much is Nose Surgery

December 5, 2022

Hearing that nose surgery is quite expensive and painful? Salameh Plastic Surgery will tell all facts about how much is nose surgery and its recovery time!

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What do Normal Vaginas Look Like

December 5, 2022

Don’t feel different, every women’s vagina is perfectly shaped! Salameh Plastic Surgery will explain what do normal vaginas look like!

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conceptual abstract image of the female reproductive system. Female uterus with vagina and ovaries

Hip Dips vs Love Handles 

December 1, 2022

Are you curious about the difference between hip dips vs love handles and how can you improve it? Salameh Plastic surgery will explain all you need to know!

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Woman having consultation treatment at a plastic surgery center

Female Body Types Chart

December 1, 2022

Women empowerment in this generation is so powerful! All shapes and sizes are now loved. Salameh Plastic Surgery will explain all female body type charts.

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Diversity. Group Of Models With Different Figure Size And Body Types Portrait. International Friends In Sportswear Posing On Beige Background. Body Positive As Lifestyle.

Why Are My Thighs So Fat

November 28, 2022

Are you wondering why are your thighs so fat and heavy? Salameh Plastic Surgery will explain all the things you need to know about thighs!

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Plus size woman in beige underwear wrap thigh with cling film closeup side view. Body wrapping for weight loss, free copy space, blue background. Anti cellulite fat burning procedure for slim figure.

How to Get Rid of Double Chins

November 21, 2022

Are you tired of looking at your double chin? Wanting more defined jaws? Salameh Plastic Surgery will tell you how to get rid of a double chin!

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Double chin, skin rejuvenation and surgery on the neck, before after anti aging concept

360 Lipo Without Tummy Tuck

November 9, 2022

Thinking if getting a 360 lipo without a tummy tuck is possible? Salameh Plastic Surgery will list down all the things you need to know before surgery!

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Overweight woman pinching her stomach

What are the Differences Between Liposuction and SAFE Lipo?

October 21, 2022

Do you find it hard to lose weight as you age? If you want to make your love handles go away, Salameh Plastic Surgery Center has a good advice for you!

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Women holding her shirt up and a doctor marking her for liposuction consultation.