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There are a lot of reasons to get plastic surgery, especially procedures like a facelift or breast augmentation. One of them is to improve facial aesthetics, but a lot of them can actually be for health reasons like the treatment of a condition or a birth defect.

But no matter if you’re one of the 56% of people that come to their plastic surgeons looking to get their cheekbones back for facial aesthetics, or looking to have rhinoplasty to improve nasal breathing, you need to maintain it. The procedure and the improvements don’t end the moment you recover from the knife.

Here are a few ways you can maintain your cosmetic surgery results:

  1. Healthy Diet And Exercise
    This might come as a surprise to you if you thought that something like liposuction or a tummy tuck would be the end solution, but you need to exercise and eat right to maintain the results. This is the only way that you can keep the weight and the excess fat off of your body.

    So, if you want to keep those magical surgical results, hit the gym and start eating right. You’ll be able to improve your looks and your health.
  2. Good Skin Practices
    Proper care of your skin can make a major difference in scarring, especially immediately after the procedure. Great skin care can make you look as good or even better than you ever have before.

    Scarring will likely happen, and while your surgeon might do their best to keep your skin relatively mark-free, the recovery and healing process is on you. You need to drink water and keep from straining the scars and incisions to keep them from worsening. You also need to keep them out of the sun and keep the area clean. Use scar care creams and ointments recommended by your doctor, too.
  3. Healthy Lifestyle Choices
    You also need to keep with these healthy lifestyle choices long after the surgery, too. Drink water more than anything else, avoid carbonated and high sodium drinks, avoid smoking and make sure to exercise daily. A healthy body is a body that recovers faster and stronger than an unhealthy one. And the results from your surgery and your facial aesthetics can only benefit.

Those are just a few of the healthy choices and decisions you should make post-surgery. If you have questions about other healthy options, contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you.

breast augmentationIf there’s one thing you should know about plastic surgery, it’s that you’ll never really know how it affects you until it’s over and you’re healing. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t learn all you can about a procedure like breast augmentation before you have it performed.

Breast augmentation, like all other forms of plastic surgery, requires extensive preparation. In order to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be, here are a few important questions to ask your plastic surgeon.

Am I a candidate?
There are countless factors that go into determining whether or not you’re a good candidate for any plastic surgery, but especially for breast augmentation. Things like your physical health, mental health, and any major issues caused by your current breasts all offer crucial information to your doctors and surgeons as to whether or not you’re a good candidate. A good candidate will have realistic expectations, be in good mental and physical health, and will be looking for enhanced breast size and shape.

Saline or silicone?
Choosing the implant material is also an important thing you need to consider, and it’s one that warrants your surgeon’s advice. Silicone implants have a more natural feel to them than saline, and are typically the preferred choice for women 22 and older. Bet even though silicone implants are currently more popular than their saline counterparts, that doesn’t mean silicone is right for you. Considering that you’ll be under the knife for two to three hours for a breast lift or breast implants, it’s important that you make sure you chose the right material for your body.

Should a breast lift be included?
While many patients don’t require a breast lift, it’s still an important question to ask. If you’re getting a breast reduction, a breast lift might be a great idea. Of course, your surgeon will take several factors into consideration before deciding whether a breast lift is necessary. Some of these factors include tissue laxity, the position of the nipple areola in relation to the breasts, and measurements that are taken pre-operation. The opportunity to shape your breasts the way you want them is truly something that doesn’t happen often, which means you should take advantage of it if you can.

Like any plastic surgery, breast augmentation is a big decision to make. And before you make any big decision, especially one that directly impacts the way your body looks, you need to be asking the right questions.

hair rejuvenation with prpMost cosmetic surgeries have a long list of requirements patients must meet before they’re considered good candidates for any one procedure. For example, a good candidate for liposuction must be within at least 30% of their ideal body weight and meet a long set of additional requirements. But if you’re looking into hair rejuvenation with PRP, there’s good news! The only requirements are hair loss and a willingness to reverse it.

Could hair rejuvenation be right for you? Take a look at some of the benefits listed below and find out.


PRP doesn’t require any extensive chemical treatment or even any extreme physical demand. In fact, it’s one of the least invasive hair rejuvenation procedures out there. The procedure simply uses your own cells, which also means no immuno-suppressants.


As previously mentioned, this procedure is minimally invasive and even uses cells from your own body to do its thing. For the procedure, only a small amount of blood is taken and only local anesthesia is used to make your scalp feel less discomfort. Unlike a nose job or a tummy tuck, there’s no need to be under general anesthesia.

Recovery Time

Fortunately, this is the kind of procedure that is performed and then immediately lets you get on with your life. In fact, you can probably continue to run errands after this procedure is done! There’s virtually no down time, and recover time is relatively short as well.


No cosmetic surgery comes without a price tag, but fortunately, hair rejuvenation with PRP doesn’t have a very large one. That’s right! Other hair loss treatments such as hair transplants, pills, and even topical creams, can cost more than a pretty penny.


PRP hair restoration typically has a fairly high success rate. In fact, most patients see hair regrowth in just about three months after their initial PRP treatment.

Cosmetic surgery is a big choice, but with a procedure as safe and as effective as PRP hair restoration, there’s no reason to say no! Don’t let your hair loss get the best of you.

3 Benefits From Having an Eyelid Lift

Posted by Allison Embry on June 22, 2017
Category: Blog

eyelid liftThe eyes are the window to the soul: it’s an old cliche, but one that still holds true. The eyes are the most expressive and most open part of the human face and often considered one of the most attractive features.

But as we age, wrinkles and fine lines crop up around our eyes; bags develop from a lack of sleep or an excess of caffeine; lids sag, obstructing your view and leaving you looking permanently tired.

Fortunately, eyelid lifts are able to quickly and easily combat these signs of aging, leaving you with a younger, more energetic visage. Its effectiveness has made it a very popular option, causing some plastic surgeons to opt for a simple eyelid lift in lieu of a facelift.

If you are considering an eyelid lift, here are several reasons why it might be for you!

  • Reduces Fine Lines
    Although fine lines are not the primary reason most people consider an eyelid lift, the reduction of fine lines in many patients is stunning. The reduction of these lines that occurs naturally by living both the upper and lower lids can help lend themselves to a rejuvenated, youthful appearance, especially when combined with treatments such as chemical peels or Botox.
  • No More Bags
    Say goodbye to those pesky bags below the eyes, the ones that give you the constant appearance of exhaustion, even when you are fully rested. An eyelid lift will remove the excess skin and tissue below the lines, and might even help with the darkness
  • Better Vision
    Heavily dropping upper eyelids can cause serious vision impairments, impeding your driving and your comfort. Lifting the upper lid can allow you to reclaim your full field of vision.

Whether you are struggling to see or trying to mitigate the appearance of aging around your eyes, an eyelid lift is a potent and effective treatment. In fact, eyelid procedures are the third most commonly sought cosmetic trend, according to a 2015 survey.

If you are exploring the possibility an eyelid lift, or other procedures such as rhinoplasty or a tummy tuck, contact Salameh Plastic Surgery today!

eyelid surgeryFor years, cosmetic surgery has been a popular choice for many people as a way to update and change their look. In fact, the top five surgical procedures for women in 2015 were liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and eyelid surgery.

However, when it comes to surgery, an eyelid lift will give you the most bang for your buck. Why? Read on to find out!

What exactly is an eyelid lift?
There are plenty of different kinds of eyelid lifts you can get done, depending on the look you’d like to have. But no matter the method used, the term eyelid lift means the surgery of tightening and removing excess skin, muscle, and fat of the upper eyelid.

Does this procedure require hospital time?
No! Upper eyelid lifts can be completed successfully as an outpatient procedure. To make recovery as easy as possible, the plastic surgeon will use a localized anesthetic and possibly local sedation, but you will never be put under for general anesthesia.

How does the procedure work?
Eyelid surgery is relatively simple. Your doctor will mark the flabby skin that needs to be removed, cut it away with a scalpel, and then stitch up the incision. All of this will be done in less than an hour, and you will be on your way!

Will I have to cover up a scar after getting an eyelid lift?
No, because of the natural curvature of your eye, your scar will be covered up and will be barely seen. However, if you are going to get surgery on your lower eyelid, then you may have a scar you cannot hide.

What is the typical recovery like?
Again, the recovery will be relatively simple and quick. Bruising and swelling tends to be minimal, and the stitches come out within three to five days. You may also have to take antibiotics to prevent infection, medicated eye drops, and will have to ice your eyes to relieve any discomfort. But each patient heals differently, so please discuss your health history with your doctor before the procedure is scheduled to know what to expect.

With these facts in mind, eyelid surgery is a great, cost-effective approach to changing up your appearance with minimal downtime and almost no scarring. If you would like to learn more about the world of eyelid lifts, please contact our medical professionals today.