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What Is an FUE Hair Transplant

If you’ve done any research into hair transplant options, you’ve probably heard about follicular unit extraction (FUE). But what is an FUE hair transplant? FUE is currently the most advanced type of hair transplant on the market, and it’s winning new converts every day. If you’re curious about this cutting-edge…

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Hair Loss and Hormones

Are you worried about hair loss and hormones? Is your ponytail looking thinner and you’re wondering why? Are you going through a stressful time and worrying about how it could affect your hair? Find out all about hormone imbalance hair loss and hormonal hair loss treatment from Salameh Plastic Surgery….

How to Treat a Receding Hairline

Considering a receding hairline treatment? Many people experience receding hairlines and seek to restore their lush, full locks. While everyone’s hairline is different with unique circumstances, you have options, and the Salameh Plastic Surgery team would love to help! Learn how a hair transplant for a receding hairline can be…

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Is ARTAS Hair Transplant Permanent?

Looking into hair transplant options? Wondering, are hair transplants permanent? At Salameh Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to offer permanent results using ARTAS robotic hair transplant technology. It only takes one single session to get the lifelong results of your dreams. Are Hair Transplants Permanent? Individual circumstances will result in varying…

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Healthy Scalp Care Techniques to Promote Hair Health

Hair appearance plays an important role in a person’s self-confidence, and it can even affect health. If you want your hair to look and feel healthier, it starts with the scalp. Here are some healthy scalp care techniques to promote hair health. You might be surprised at some of our…

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