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Salameh Plastic Surgery is committed to providing an excellent customer experience from consultation to procedure to follow-up care.

Salameh Plastic Surgery goes above and beyond to show each patient how much we treasure them from the initial consultation until the day they receive their last procedure.


When it comes to treatments done on your face and body, you likely want additional information to provide context to these plastic surgery and patient reviews. To learn more about treatments for your face and body, we encourage you to check out the dramatic before and after photos on our photo gallery, watch our videos and like our Facebook and Instagram pages, or simply contact us to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to work with you to achieve your beauty goals!

Read real Salameh Plastic Surgery reviews from former and current patients who have been treated by Dr. Bernard Salameh, a double board-certified plastic surgeon in the United States whose outstanding skills and experience make him among the best in the nation. Dr. Salameh’s advanced techniques, commitment to excellence, and meticulous attention to detail have given him a highly-renowned reputation.Thanks to Dr. Salameh’s expertise and the qualifications of the rest of our staff, we firmly believe that Salameh Plastic Surgery is one of the best clinics in the nation, but don’t just take our word for it—read what our patients have to say!

Dr. Salameh is committed to excellence, attentive to detail, and devoted to patient outcome. He is the epitome of professional.

by Tessa Rios

Dr Salameh and his entire staff are amazing. He and his staff go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.

by Tena alexander

Lets just say I am so happy with my results. Excellent experience with staff and surgeon. Dr. Salameh knowing what I needed and accomplishing it. So happy you have come to Bowling Green! Yes I would recommend Dr. Salameh to anyone!!! Again, love the results I have achieved and knowing its only going to get better!! Thank you Dr. Salameh and Staff!!!!

by LJB

I am glad I had the surgery done and I am very happy I chose you to be my surgeon.

by T.S.

I was very afraid to look unnatural but I couldn’t be any happier!

by A.K.

I am so thankful that I have the Best Doctor!!!

by R.A.

have been referring you to lots of people! Telling them how great you are!!

by R.A.

It was such a great experience!! Looking forward to see the new me soon!!

by R.A.

Thank you for taking such great care of me! I am so happy with how everything turned, and I love how I look! Thank you!!

by M.A.

Dr. Salameh is an outstanding surgeon. He and Dr. Saba are the best and they gave me solid medical advice and performed liposuction. The results are phenomenal and I am going back again soon to for a tummy tuck. I highly recommend Salameh Plastic surgery. The staff is also professional and kind. I would give them a 100 star rating if I could. My experience was absolutely perfect.

by Dmilden1987

I thought about making a appointment for quite some time. I’m so glad I finally went ahead with my first visit! I scheduled a hydro facial and totally enjoyed my experience. After interacting with multiple members of staff, I decided to go ahead and schedule a consultation for other services. I can’t say enough how easy it was to speak to them about my concerns and the things I’d like to have addressed. I’m more than happy that I took the time to meet them before scheduling. They 100% made me fee comfortable and were super amazing about answering all my questions!

by OptimisticCaprice

The Med Spa team is second to none. They are attentive and intentional, and all so kind. The services they provide have helped with my complexion and texture, and I would recommend them to anyone in the Bowling Green area. I have had a Moxi + BBL, microneedling, monthly facials and dermaplanes, and Dysport. They always make me feel comfortable and at ease before any new treatment.

by jbvosw

I had a consultation with Dr. Salim, and was impressed by his bedside manner and the realistic expectations he helped me set. I can tell he is very experienced with the procedure I am interested in. Highly recommended.

by Amoracanela

The patient reviews are overwhelmingly positive because Dr. Salameh works one-on-one with patients to determine the best course of treatment to achieve their beauty goals. Crucially, he also has the world-class skills necessary for carrying out successful treatments every time. If you’ve read our plastic surgery reviews and are ready for the five-star treatment yourself, schedule a consultation with us to discuss your beauty goals!


Discover the best comprehensive cosmetic services and plastic surgery procedures. Our patient care coordinators are on hand to help you feel empowered and informed about the services available to you and are always available to answer any questions you may have about our practice, individual procedures, or office policies.

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