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Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men vs. Women

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Aside from the ways in which we typically style it, hair itself isn’t that different between males and females. So why are the best hair loss treatments for women different than the best ones for men? The discrepancy comes down to the different causes for hair loss, which do change based on sex. Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant is here to explain the best hair loss treatments for men and women and the differences between them!

The Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Many forms of hair loss are connected to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is derived from testosterone, the male sex hormone. Decreasing the amount of DHT in a man’s system can be unpleasant and even dangerous, so Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant never recommends that men use medication that manipulates their hormones simply to slow hair loss.

Instead, we assert that the best hair loss treatment for men is the ARTAS System, a highly advanced hair transplant that uses surgeon-assisted robotics to extract whole follicular units from the donor site and graft them to the desired bald areas.

ARTAS works by using digital imaging and an intelligent algorithm to plot where healthy hair follicles will be taken and grafted. Unlike the outdated hair “plugs” one could get from transplants, the ARTAS System is ultra-precise, allowing the procedure as a whole to be minimally invasive, effectively achieve natural results, and create next to no side effects.

This advanced technology is what makes ARTAS not just the best hair loss treatment for men, but the best and most advanced hair loss treatment in the world.

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Though it’s not talked about as often, women do experience hair loss, and sometimes find themselves in need of treatment and/or a procedure to address the problem. Treating women’s hair loss can be as simple as finding the right medical-grade hair products, or complex enough to need further evaluation.

A high-quality, scientifically-based hair growth serum can sometimes be the most effective way to help alleviate women’s hair loss. The trick when it comes to female hair loss is finding a way to encourage follicles to regrow hair without hurting the ones that are still producing. That’s why quality products are often the best hair loss treatment for women—they aid hair growth without involving incisions or grafts. If the problem is more involved and a procedure is needed, Dr. Salameh will discuss it with you and go over all your options before you make a final plan.

PRP Hair Restoration

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PRP (platelet-rich plasma) hair restoration is not the single best hair loss treatment for men or women, but it is an effective supplement to an ARTAS procedure. It can provide the boost required when you only want a little bit of hair regrowth.

PRP works by taking the patient’s own blood, processing it, and re-injecting the plasma back into the scalp. This process increases blood supply to the hair follicles that need it. When blood is drawn from the patient, it is placed into a centrifuge for ten minutes, which separates the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells. The plasma is what’s injected into the scalp.

PRP requires four treatments, each one four weeks apart, and then maintenance treatments every six months after that. Although PRP may not be the utmost best hair loss treatment for men or women, the results are undeniable—after about a year, most patients see a remarkable increase in hair volume, thickness, retention, and regrowth.

If you’re interested in exploring the best hair regrowth solutions for you, make an appointment for a consultation with Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant today! Together, you and Dr. Salameh will discuss your goals and find the best way to achieve the natural, youthful results you deserve.


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