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Enjoy More Convenience After Laser Hair Removal

Hair. It always seems to grow in the wrong places – on the back, sprouting out from the chin in long tendrils, huge bushy growths in the armpits. Most people spend a great deal of time every single day fighting unwanted hair growth. The most common method to remove unwanted hair is shaving, but it has to be performed at least once a day, can result in significant skin irritation, and can be difficult to perform when it occurs in hard to reach places like the back. Waxing can remove unwanted hair for a longer period of time than shaving, but it can also cause significant skin irritation and needs to be constantly repeated. Surely there is a more convenient alternative. Here at Salameh Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer laser hair removal and encourage you to learn more about it.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can permanently stop hair growth in targeted areas. The laser is used to selectively destroy active hair follicles. During a laser hair treatment, the laser is slowly moved over the area that is desired to be hair free and its focused light energies target pigmented hair follicles while leaving the surrounding skin and other structures untouched. Modern hair laser removal only takes a short period of time per treatment (depending on the size of the area of the body that needs treatment). Since the procedure only targets hair follicles that are actively growing, most individuals need multiple treatments in order to completely and permanently eliminate hair growth in the targeted area.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Basically, all parts of the body can be treated with lasers to permanently eliminate hair growth. Men can eliminate the tedious and sometimes uncomfortable task of shaving daily facial hair growth and can get rid of unwelcome back hair. Women can eliminate unwanted hair from any part of their body, saving them from having to constantly shave, tweeze, or undergo repeated waxing treatments.

Preparing for Laser Treatment

In order to get the best results, since laser hair removal targets only actively growing hair follicles, it is essential to not engage in any hair removal methods that disturb the hair follicle for at least two weeks prior to treatment. Thus, although shaving can continue, tweezing, waxing, and other inconvenient methods of hair removal that pluck the hair out by the root need to be avoided. During the actual laser treatment, the hair is usually trimmed close to the skin before applying the laser. The hairs growing out of the targeted hair follicles will fall out a few days after applying the treatment and will not regrow new hair. After applying the full series of treatments, the area will no longer sprout unwanted hair.

Get In Touch with Us for Further Information

If you are tired of daily shaving, ingrown hairs, irritated skin, and red shaving bumps, or having to undergo repeated, annoying waxing treatments, there is a more convenient alternative: permanent laser hair removal. To learn more about this option, we warmly encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with Salameh Plastic Surgery. At our convenient location in Bowling Green, KY, our caring and devoted team of professionals will be pleased to explain this option in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!


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