Hair Plugs vs. ARTAS Hair Transplant: Important Differences

a before-and-after image of a woman who had a hair transplant

If you are experiencing hair loss and are considering a transplant procedure, you might be trying to figure out which method is best for you. You can choose to have hair plugs inserted manually, or you could opt for ARTAS, a revolutionary procedure that uses a robot to extract and transplant the hair. While both of these methods aim for the same results, ARTAS can provide faster, better results with less downtime and a shorter recovery period. Here are some of the most important differences between hair plugs vs. transplants by ARTAS robots.

Transplant Method

One of the biggest differences between traditional hair plugs vs. ARTAS hair transplant is the way in which the hair is transplanted. Each method offers its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose for yourself which best meets your needs.

Hair Plugs 

Hair plugs are transplanted into the scalp manually. The surgeon will extract the hair from other parts of the body and then manually make an incision on the scalp to insert them. The surgeon completes everything by hand, which means that the process takes a longer time to complete.


ARTAS is a revolutionary transplant method that uses a robot not only to extract hair from the donor area but also to make the incisions and transplant the hair into the scalp. The robot uses special algorithms to ensure precision and comfort, and it can complete the transplant very quickly.

a before-and-after image of a man who had a hair transplant

Procedure Time

If the procedure time is important to you, ARTAS is your best bet. Manual transplants and hair plugs take much more time to complete vs. robotic hair transplant.

Hair Plugs

Hair plugs require the surgeon to extract large patches of hair from the donor site, then move it to the transplant site. This can take a while to complete, and the surgeon may need to take breaks during a session or even break up the sessions.


Since ARTAS uses a robot to extract and transplant the hair, the procedure can be done much more quickly, and there is no risk of surgeon fatigue. The sessions are much more efficient, and only one session is required.

Pain and Recovery

While most patients only report minor pain with any type of transplant, some methods are more painful than others and have a longer recovery time. It’s important to take this into consideration when deciding between hair plugs vs. transplants.

Hair Plugs

Because hair plugs are inserted manually, there is a higher chance of infection and pain. The incisions are deeper and less precise than those performed by robots. Bleeding is more common, and swelling is typically more severe with manual transplants.


ARTAS transplants are far less painful, with most patients experiencing little to no pain during the procedure. Because the robot is gentle and precise, the incisions are less likely to bleed or scar. There is also usually little to no swelling of the scalp involved with robotic hair transplants. 

a plastic surgeon touching a man’s bare head


With any type of hair transplant, it’s best to use the patient’s own hair and transplant it from somewhere else on the body to the scalp. Hair extraction is performed differently depending on the transplant method used: here’s our comparison of hair plugs vs. transplant.

Hair Plugs

With traditional hair plugs, hair is extracted manually by the surgeon. The surgeon will choose the best donor area, then manually extract hair from that area with a small incision. The hair will then be manually transplanted to the head. This can take a while, and extraction can be painful. The extraction area is also likely to bleed and swell.


ARTAS hair extraction is all done by a robot. The robot uses advanced algorithms not only to gently remove the hair that will be transplanted but also to scan the body and find the best donor area. This helps deliver more successful transplants and more natural-looking hair.

a woman parting her hair while looking in the mirror


Transplant results will vary from patient to patient, but the transplant method can also determine how well the transplant takes. How soon you see results and how long the results last can vary between hair plugs vs. transplants.

Hair Plugs

Because hair plugs are transplanted manually and can take a while to complete, you are less likely to see results quickly. Each patch of hair can take some time to regrow and fill in. Some patients will need to have several sessions to complete the transplant.


ARTAS patients typically start seeing results within a few months of receiving the transplant. It takes some time for hair to fill in and grow more thickly, but most patients see full results within a year of the procedure. ARTAS hair transplants are permanent and are not susceptible to male pattern baldness or hair loss.

Once you decide which method of hair transplant is right for you, call Salameh Plastic Surgery. We offer personalized care for each patient, and our helpful staff is happy to answer any questions you might have about hair plugs vs. transplant or the ARTAS procedure specifically. Call us today to make an appointment and take the first step to achieve the full, natural-looking head of hair you desire.

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