How ARTAS Complements Your Overall Look

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What Is ARTAS?

The ARTAS system is a fully automatic hair transplant technique that uses advanced technologies and a robotic arm to remove and transplant hair follicles into balding regions of the hair. The best thing about ARTAS is that ARTAS hair transplant results are natural and long-lasting.

Do you want to see what a hair transplant hairline will look like after a hair transplant? ARTAS uses advanced digital imaging in order to help you see what your results will look like before the procedure even starts.

ARTAS utilizes robotic technology and specific algorithms to reduce the possibility of human error during hair implantation. It helps you achieve the greatest outcomes for restoring your hair with consistency, precision, and speed. The biggest benefit of robotics is that it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to complete the procedure, allowing you to see and to enjoy results faster.

Before and after hair transplant

How ARTAS Enhances Your Overall Look

As much as the amount of your hair, the hairline is also determinative on your overall appearance. When it comes to hair transplantation on the head, the location of the new hair transplant hairline must be considered, as well as the position of your facial muscles. You can observe how high your muscles go by moving your eyebrows. 

When compared to standard extraction procedures, the ARTAS system employs techniques that can accelerate the extraction process. It can find the best alternatives by assessing the angle, direction, and density of the hair follicle. These identification procedures enhance the efficiency of the process and yield good outcomes on your overall look. While no plastic surgeon can guarantee a complete recovery, most experts agree that ARTAS should be used whenever it is possible considering the special needs of the patients.

What Can ARTAS Do for Your Overall Look?

A hair transplant has several advantages, the most important of which will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Hair loss sometimes affects one’s self-esteem and can cause uncertainty in work interactions and social networking situations. Your hair enhances the natural charm of your appearance, so for an empowered first impression, it is very important how natural the hair transplant hairline looks as well as your hair. 

If you have started to experience problems such as thinning hair, male pattern baldness, and reduced hairline, ARTAS hair transplant is the best gift you can give yourself. Discover how hair transplantation can help you regain your self-confidence.

ARTAS Gives the Best Results in a Very Short Time

Are you afraid of the scars that may occur right after the procedure? ARTAS does not involve any stitches or staples. That means you will have minimal discomfort following the procedure. You will be able to start routine activities such as exercise within a few days. Natural-looking and permanent hair will begin to grow in the thinned regions in the months following the treatment. After six months, most patients will see a substantial impact, and after a year, they’ll enjoy the best results. So, you can have great hair in a very short time. 

Even while the recovery process might take up to three months to show effects, it will boost your confidence by reducing feelings of nervousness about your appearance. After a hair transplant, it’s critical to keep your hair appearing as natural as possible, since this will make you feel more confident.

You Can Achieve a Style That Better Reflects Who You Are

Positive feedback and positive reinforcement have a big influence on how you feel about yourself: when external comments or perceived negativity about one’s looks sink in, it’s easy to question your own appearance as a result. Choosing a hair transplant procedure can help restore your outer appearance and give you a boost of inner self confidence. ARTAS hair transplant results will help boost your confidence, which in turn positively influences your presence both socially and professionally. When you feel good about yourself inside and out, others will notice!

We believe you deserve the greatest hair restoration procedure available. Salameh Plastic Surgery goes above and beyond in hair treatment by answering all your questions and offering guidance. Salameh Plastic Surgery’s experienced team provides the five-star treatment that you are looking for. Call us today! Make an appointment for a ARTAS robotic hair transplant consultation.

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