Is Hair Rejuvenation Right for You?

What is PRP?

What medical science has learned in recent years is that your blood is filled with something termed platelet rich plasma. Or, at least, your blood can be manipulated to produce plasma that is heavily concentrated with platelets and growth factors that can be used in a wide variety of medical procedures. One area where PRP treatments are having a lot of success is in the area of hair rejuvenation. This is good news because it is relatively easy to get at the growth factors inherent inside your own blood. All a doctor has to do is extract a few vials of blood from your body, and then spin this blood up in a specialized centrifuge in their office. This process will separate out the red and white blood cells from the concentrated plasma. The plasma that is left behind is then used in a preparation that your doctor will inject into your scalp. The hope is that the growth factors in the PRP preparation will start repairing dysfunctional hair follicles and stimulate them to produce new hair growth again: your own hair growth.

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