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Laser Tattoo Removal Quickly Addresses Unwanted Tattoos

When you were younger, you gave in to the temptation of body art. Who can blame you? It is common for young people to want to make a statement with tattoos. Unfortunately, as you age, that statement may not be beneficial to the goals you are trying to achieve as a much older adult. In fact, your tattoos may stand in your way when it comes to how others perceive you or getting that promotion at work. Tattoo removal may start to seem like an appealing option.

While the tattoos that remain hidden do not pose much of a problem, the visible ink can become an issue. This can be the cause of a lot of tattoo regret and why many adults find that what was once cool and exciting turns out to be an ink job they no longer wish to be so visible to the general public. With time, these individuals learn that others judge them for the visible body art they display. For this reason, many people turn to laser tattoo removal in an attempt to quickly rid their body of unwanted tattoos.

How It Works

When you attend your first appointment for laser tattoo removal, the professional performing the procedure is going make sure you are as comfortable as possible. As the laser impacts with the ink molecules lodged in your skin, the ink molecules are obliterated. The more ink molecules that are destroyed, the lighter the tattoo will become over time.

If you have tattoos that contain only black ink, then these are the easiest tattoos to remove. The reason is because black ink will absorb all frequencies of light, making these ink molecules the easiest to obliterate. Other colors require a little more precision to get rid of with a laser, because these ink molecules absorb more specific frequencies of light.

The Time Involved

When it comes to removing body art, laser tattoo removal is perhaps the fastest way to get rid of old tattoos. The reason why laser tattoo removal works so well is because the ink resides deep in the layers of skin, not at the surface. Consequently, a laser can penetrate deep enough to make significant progress in getting rid of the ink molecules that compose your tattoos. If you are ready to take the step in having your unwanted tattoos removed, then be sure to speak with the professionals at Salameh Plastic Surgery in Bowling Green, KY. Someone is waiting to receive your call and to provide answers to any questions or concerns you may have about moving forward with this procedure. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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