Learn More About Treatments for Dark Circles

salameh plastic surgery treatments for dark circles

What Causes Dark Circles?

In most cases, dark circles are caused by aging. During the aging process, the skin becomes thinner and facial fat disappears, making blood vessels under the skin visible, which appear as dark areas under the eyes. Allergies are another common cause of dark under-eye circles. Allergies induce the release of histamines, which cause blood vessels to dilate and become visible under the skin as dark under-eye circles. In some cases, dark pigmentation around the eyes appears in response to sun exposure; this type of hyperpigmentation is particularly common among people with naturally darker skin tones.

What Can Be Done at Home?

If your dark circles are actually caused by fatigue, cold compresses applied to the eye area can be helpful. However, the vast majority of people benefit the most from professional treatment for their dark circles. That’s because at-home remedies can only go so far. If you really want to address these circles, you need to work with an experienced professional.

A Closer Look at Professional Treatments

There are various possible ways to eliminate dark under-eye circles. A consultation with our expert at Salameh Plastic Surgery will help determine the best approach for you. Our office is conveniently located in Bowling Green, KY. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about your treatment options. We look forward to speaking with you!

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