Our Ultimate Guide to the Benefits of HALO/BBL


Combining two of the most reputable and effective technologies in the industry, HALO/BBL has arisen as a favorite among plastic surgeons, aestheticians, and MedSpa practitioners in recent years. The benefits of the HALO/BBL procedure are extensive, and it’s well worth familiarizing yourself with this treatment. To learn more about HALO/BBL, how the technology works, and why you might consider adding this procedure to your regimen, we’ve assembled a guide reviewing the information you need. Read on to discover what makes the HALO/BBL procedure so special and whether it might be right for you.

The HALO Treatment

HALO is a hybrid fractional laser. In a nutshell, this is a technology that uses both ablative and nonablative lasers. While ablative lasers remove the thin outer layer of skin as part of the process of laser resurfacing, nonablative lasers function without wounding the skin, but rather by heating the underlying tissue to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen. Key benefits of this part of the HALO/BBL procedure include the following: 

  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimization of enlarged pores
  • Reduction or elimination of skin concerns like hyperpigmentation
  • Brightening and evening of skin suffering from acne scarring
  • Increase of collagen and elastin in the skin
  • A natural-looking “glow”
  • Customizable settings to address a full range of skin types and issues

Broadband Light Treatment

The second component of HALO/BBL is Broadband Light Treatment. Broadband Light Treatment (or BBL for short) utilizes pulsed light at a high but safe intensity to encourage the body’s production of collagen and other key proteins. This technology is particularly effective against dark spots and uneven skin tone. In essence, BBL can help bring underlying skin issues to the surface, where skin imperfections can then be directly addressed or naturally fade away. Its efficacy is extensively documented in Broadband Light Treatment research conducted at Stanford University. Benefits of BBL technology include the following:

  • Reduction or elimination of broken capillaries in the skin
  • Correction of redness or blemishes in the complexion
  • Brightening or removal of dark spots
  • Overall evening of skin tone
  • Production of natural anti-aging compounds in the skin

How HALO/BBL Technologies Work Together

On their own, both HALO and BBL technologies each have powerful effects for both targeted and general skin health and appearance. However, these laser treatments are arguably most effective when applied together. This is in part because HALO and BBL work differently and serve distinct purposes that each enhance the results of the other. For instance, the pore and wrinkle minimization achieved by HALO treatment can be significantly increased with the use of BBL. Additionally, the HALO/BBL combination offers patients minimal downtime and a faster healing process.

What to Expect

During the HALO/BBL procedure, patients can typically expect to begin with the BBL portion, which generally takes about half an hour. The HALO portion may take place immediately following the BBL treatment, enhancing the exfoliative effects of the procedure. Some patients experience redness and swelling after a HALO/BBL treatment, and a proper post care regimen, including minimizing sun exposure and certain topical ingredients, is advised. Ultimately, patients can expect to fully heal and enjoy the results of their treatment within one to two weeks. HALO/BBL procedures are most effective when supported by proper sun protection, a healthy diet, and a custom skin care routine tailored to your skin type and needs.

Discover Whether HALO/BBL Is Right for You 

One of the most notable benefits of the HALO/BBL procedure is its ability to be customized to each patient. If you’re looking for a medically supported, effective way to address a particular skin concern or simply improve the overall health, youthfulness, and vibrancy of your skin, HALO/BBL is certainly worth considering. To schedule a custom consultation or appointment, or to learn more about the benefits of HALO/BBL and other MedSpa treatments, we invite you to get in touch with us today. 

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