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Sagging Buttocks Before And After

As we get older or experience certain life-changing events, our bodies will undergo changes. Saggy buttocks are an issue that can affect anyone. However, it is more common for women. The way women’s bodies work is that they naturally accumulate more fat around the hips and buttocks compared with men. If your buttocks appear to be sagging, and it’s troubling you, Salameh Plastic Surgery LLC will explain everything you should be aware of about this issue.

A sagging buttock can cause women to feel less confident in themselves. A sagging buttock shouldn’t be something women must live with. There are many steps that can be taken to avoid sagging buttocks. If the problem is apparent, there are options like saggy buttock surgery and non-surgical options to consider. If you ever decide to opt for surgery, you can make an appointment with Dr. Salameh or Dr. Saba plastic surgeon.

While certain women are naturally blessed with an elongated, voluminous back, the truth is that the majority of women don’t have the back they’d like. Take into consideration that as we age the waistline begins to shrink and often you’re faced with women who aren’t content with their figures.

Causes of Sagging Buttocks

The firmness of the buttocks is contributed to the gluteal muscles, which are the muscles that dominate your buttocks. They are strong and contribute to the taut and firm appearance of your buttocks.

Most of the time, the buttocks begin to sag because of aging. As we age the gluteal muscles naturally lose a bit in strength as well as muscle. That means that the buttocks start a decline in the firm look they once had. Additionally, the absence of exercise as well as an inadequate diet could contribute to the problem.

A lifestyle that doesn’t include enough exercise, and possibly bad diet choices can contribute to the sagging of your buttocks. Exercise is a great way to improve the tone of the gluteal muscles as well as help burn calories. If you don’t exercise, this will cause fat cells to sit in between the skin and the gluteal muscles. This could lead to stretchy skin. The appearance of skin that is stretched can cause the buttocks to appear to be sagging.

In other situations, the act of sitting for an extended duration of time could result in an enlarged buttock. There are certain occupations where the need to sit still is a necessity. Unfortunately, jobs that require people in a sitting posture can make a sagging buttock worse. This is due to the fact that it triggers fat cells to form around the buttocks, causing them to lose their shape.

Additionally, losing a significant amount of weight may lead to sagging buttocks. In excess, fat cells can cause skin cells to stretch. If we lose weight, our skin will return to the way it was in the past. With aging, the skin loses its elasticity and isn’t able to return to how it was. The result is extra skin, which can result in the appearance of sagging buttocks.

Diet and Lifestyle

As we mentioned earlier, an unflattering buttock is a significant link to a weak gluteal muscle. There’s an equidistant line between an unbalanced buttock and the way you live. Of course, aging and other genetic factors may be a factor. However, there are steps that can be taken to build and tone the gluteal muscles, and at a minimum, delay the sagging of your buttocks. When it comes to eating habits, this alone will not solve any problems but can play a crucial part.

Avoiding processed food items, added sugars, and calorie-dense foods is an absolute requirement. Some of the exercises recommended include squats and bridges with a side-lying angle, side-lying leg raises, one-leg kickbacks, as well as lunges. These exercises are designed to target those gluteal muscles. They also build and tone muscles located in the lower back and the upper leg.

Surgical Options to Treat Saggy Buttocks

It is not uncommon for women to consider the possibility of a saggy buttock surgery. Also known as a buttock lift the procedure is performed under general anesthetic. It takes between 1 and 2 hours to finish. The reason why women opt for this procedure is that the outcomes are often outstanding. In many cases, sagging buttocks could affect people’s confidence and hinder the wearer from wearing certain clothes and bathing suits. A lift of the buttocks can help change the entire look of your body.

The outcomes of buttocks that undergo a lift include buttocks lifted and transformed, with a reduced volume, more defined and firmer, the removal of skin and excess fat, and skin is moved for shape and contour. If you book an appointment to see Dr. Bernard Salameh you can discover exactly what a buttock lift can help you. Dr. Salameh will be able to examine your needs and confirm that surgery is the best option to satisfy your needs.

Salameh Plastic SurgeryCenter also offers solutions to other problems which can be observed in the lower portion and lower back. This could lead to an overall better body image and boost confidence. Surgery options that complement the buttock lift include liposuction, thighplasty, and abdominoplasty.

Candidate for a Buttocks Lift

Attaining a healthy weight can be an amazing achievement. However, losing fat causes some people to experience an elongated buttock. Based on the amount of weight you lost you might experience slight skin folds or sagging that can cause discomfort. If you find loose skin to be unattractive and uncomfortable, then you might be a good candidate for a buttock lift.                                                                                                                                            


It’s crucial to attain an appropriate weight before the procedure. If you’re still not achieving your weight loss goals, give it some time. Weight loss is the primary cause of skin that is sagging. You don’t want to correct the skin that is lax now, only for further wrinkles to develop in the future.

To be eligible to have cosmetic surgery you have to satisfy certain requirements. Certain health issues may hinder the possibility of having surgery, for example, being overweight or having underlying factors that may lead to stroke. If you’re a cigarette smoker, you’ll need to stop first. Nicotine has been proven to slow healing and raise the risk of developing complications.

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Much like many people with sagging buttocks due to weight loss, or the inevitable process known as aging, a sagging bum cannot be corrected through diet and exercising. If you have an excessive amount of skin and a buttock lift could be necessary to lift your bum into an ideal position for your age.

There are a variety of ways to increase the fullness of the buttocks however, the one we recommend is Brazilian Butt Lift and 360 Degree Liposuction. It is a well-known lifting, enhancing, and reshaping procedure that moves fat from one area of your physique to the glutes. We do not use foreign substances, such as silicone and saline. Since we utilize your body’s own materials, there’s almost no chance of complications or rejection. It’s also a far more natural-looking and more comfortable choice.

At Salameh Plastic Surgery Center, we are plastic surgeons that accept payment plans for our patients right from consultation through different surgery. Our plastic surgeons Evansville, Indiana location also will provide you with the most effective breast implant options, and a memorable experience! We also offer stomach apron liposuction, breast reduction with lift and implants, and body shaping liposuction. We are also plastic surgeons that accept patientfi and credit care.

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