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Seeking Dermal Fillers? Try Volbella!

Are you interested in having fuller lips, or maybe reducing the fine lines around your lips? Volbella® is an exciting option that can help you accomplish both of these goals. It is a member of the Juvederm® family of dermal fillers. FDA-approved, this safe treatment option can give you amazing results. Unlike other dermal fillers on the market, Volbella® will leave you with natural-looking lips, and no one will need to know you had anything done if you do not want them to.

What is Volbella®?

Volbella® works using synthetic hyaluronic acid, a very safe substance that mimics the chemical found naturally in your body. Since the particles used in this injection are so small, it is easy to use them to fill the very fine lines that often form around the mouth. This treatment can give you amazing results that last for quite a while. Results are subtle, giving you natural, beautiful lips and skin around your mouth.

What are Volbella® Treatments Like?

One of the great things about Volbella® is it has lidocaine in it. Lidocaine is a very safe, very effective local anesthetic that helps minimize any discomfort and keep you comfortable while getting your Vobella® injections. Treatments with dermal fillers are performed in the comfort of our office.

What are the Benefits of Volbella®?

People love what Volbella® can do for their lips. The reasons this is such a popular treatment option include:

  • It can add plumpness and fullness to thin lips
  • It can provide gentle contouring for those with asymmetrical lips
  • The fine lines around the mouth are reduced
  • Results are subtle and very natural-looking
  • Treatments are simple and convenient

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