Styling Your Hair After ARTAS: What You Should Know

Before and after examples of ARTAS transplant

It’s not an unusual occurrence to depart Salameh Plastic Surgery and Skin Care with a new head of hair and a newfound sense of confidence, but not everyone knows exactly how they should style their new locks once they get a hold of them. Today we’ll be going over some ways to make sure your new post hair transplant look is safely styled and smartly finished.

Be Gentle

While our ARTAS system is far safer and more effective than traditional hair transplant solutions, your scalp still might be a little bit tender for a few days after you get home. Use a soft touch when you’re scrubbing it in the shower, and try to use organic shampoos and hair products that don’t have a lot of harsh chemicals in them. For a further boost, you’ll want to add medical grade nutricosmetics like our ultimate Hair, Skin and Nails formula to your routine. Our medical grade Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner will round out your integrative hair care regimen and protect and nourish your new head of hair.

Let it Grow

Your recovery period shouldn’t take especially long, but you’ll still want to wait a bit before you jump into your new post hair transplant look with both feet. This is because ARTAS takes about three months to start displaying visible hair growth, and only really starts to get going after about half a year has passed. But don’t worry: the new haircuts you’ll get after your hair transplant will definitely make the wait worthwhile.

Go with What You Know…

Since ARTAS uses the hair that grows naturally on your body to achieve its results, you won’t have to get used to new conditioners or products to account for new textures. Post hair transplant, you should be able to use everything you already have in your bathroom to make your new locks look just how you want them to.

…but Feel Free to Experiment

Many of our patients get excited to try new looks and styles as soon as their hair starts growing in, and we always encourage them to try as many motifs as they like before they land on the one (or ones) that are right for them. Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant is all about letting you look like your best self, and Post Hair Transplant excitement is something we want you to indulge in.

Visit the Spa

If you want to seal the deal in terms of overhauling your personal look, our medical spa offers luxurious accommodations provided by some of the most highly trained aesthetic experts in the country. They can let you know about the best haircuts to get after your hair transplant and provide a variety of other style tips as they pamper you and improve your skin.

To learn more about our spa and ask about other post hair transplant measures you can take, get in touch with us now and book your trip to Salameh Plastic Surgery.

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