The Integrative Approach: 3 Ways Medical Grade Products Can Enhance Your Hair Transplant Procedure

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In the United States, hair restoration is sought after more and more each year. Luckily, hair regrowth products can be highly optimized for success using a simple procedure we like to call “the integrative approach,” which includes both procedures and the use of medical grade products. Learn the 3 greatest advantages to using qualified hair products to aid in the success of your hair transplant.

The First Reason: Comfort

One of the best reasons to use medical grade hair products after your session with our ARTAS System is simply for the benefit to your own personal comfort. Even with modern transplant techniques helping to make the procedure quicker and more painless than ever before, high quality hair regrowth products can still aid in making your transition to a full head of hair that much easier. Our medical grade hair products are easy to apply and make the perfect addition to our integrative approach. When used after your transplant, such products can make your thinning hair treatment a much smoother experience.

The Second Reason: Effectiveness

Even though it’s non-invasive and almost completely painless, a hair transplant is still a medical procedure, and every medical process can benefit from aftercare and upkeep. Hair regrowth products can be a massive help for speeding up the recovery of your hair and expediting the efficiency of the transplant itself. Our Hair Regrowth Kit will be a big help in your post-surgical regimen if you use it in the prescribed amounts. With some personal research and some sound advice from your doctor, you can use good hair regrowth products to build on the strength of your hair transplant procedure.

man combing his hair

Reason 3: Ease of Use

Many of the best hair care products out there are as simple to use as they are effective at what they do. As you’ll no doubt have noticed from looking up our recommended regrowth options thus far, many hair care products for men take the form of easy to use shampoos and serums that you can pick up for relatively low cost at the pharmacy. It’s no great hassle to use hair regrowth products in conjunction with something like our PRP hair restoration therapy, and as long as you follow directions from the doctor (and the instructions on the bottle) you should be good to go. Some parts of your thinning hair treatment might prove to be a challenge, but hopping in the shower to put on some shampoo probably won’t be among them!

The Benefits of Integrative Hair Restoration

Things to Keep in Mind

As always, there are a few things to consider before you fill up your cart with all the medical grade hair regrowth products your credit card can handle in preparation for your transplant:

  • While these products work great as supplements, only in some cases can they do an effective job alone. It depends on the severity of the hair loss. If it’s at an early stage, products may help significantly, but you’ll need to consult with your surgeon. Sometimes, though, products cannot completely restore your hair without the benefit of a transplant to go with them.
  • Ask the medical team you’ll be working with on your procedure what the best hair care product for you is going to be after your transplant. Stick with the formulas they recommend, and don’t go overboard when you put on your hair regrowth products of choice!
  • Make sure you check the labels on the products you buy to make sure they’re optimized for men’s hair. This seems like it might be an inconsequential point, but the chemical makeup of various shampoos and formulas tends to vary greatly depending on which gender the bottle says it’s made for.

Get the Best Treatment from Dr. Salameh

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This is only a rough guide for how to use hair regrowth products in harmony with your hair transplant procedure—for a detailed breakdown of what you’ll need for your personal procedure, get in touch with us today and we’ll get you started on your personal hair thinning treatment regimen. Whether you need a hair transplant, a full cosmetic procedure or just want to take a trip to our medical spa, we’ve got a relaxing and effective cure for whatever ails you. Trust the experts at Salameh Plastic Surgery and Skin Care when it comes to hair regrowth products, proper skin care, and everything else in the world of beauty.

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