Treat Hyperhidrosis Using BOTOX

Statistics Tell the Story

BOTOX® injections have a very good track record when it comes to controlling severe underarm sweating. According to the numbers, clients saw an 82 to 87 percent decrease in sweating. Generally, it takes some time after treatment to start noticing results. The results you can achieve with this treatment are temporary, but you can always come up for follow-up appointments.

Those clients who opt for regular BOTOX® injections to treat their hyperhidrosis rave about a better quality of life and an improvement in work productivity.

If you are tired of stained clothing, spending too much money on antiperspirants, or feeling embarrassed, you may be a good candidate for this treatment. A diagnosis may be required before we can administer treatments.

Quick In-Office Treatment

A member of our staff can administer BOTOX® injections to both of a client’s underarms in one visit. Following the injections, the client can return to work because there is barely any downtime. Refraining from intensive workouts is recommended that day, and sauna use is also discouraged for the first 24 hours.

Not a Cure, but a Great Solution

Your hyperhidrosis will not disappear forever from BOTOX® injections. In other words, the treatment is not a cure, but it is an excellent remedy for halting the condition for a period of time. Follow-up injections are required to maintain dryness because the sweating will return when the serum wears off. Repeated BOTOX® injections for hyperhidrosis have been found to be safe and effective for the long term.

If you’re embarrassed by excessive sweating, and nothing seems to bring relief, then, consider BOTOX® injections. Here at Salameh Plastic Surgery, our group of professionals is highly skilled in the use of BOTOX® for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. If you’re ready to learn more about BOTOX® for the treatment of excessive sweating, give us a call today. We are conveniently located in Bowling Green, KY. Contact our office today to schedule your personalized consultation!

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