Why Are My Thighs So Fat

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The excess thigh fat around your legs could be the reason you aren’t happy to hear your thighs clapping when you go for a run or when your jeans don’t fit. You see people who are comfortable in their shorts or pants and you wonder how you can make your lower half feel the same. In this article, Salameh Plastic Surgery LLC will help you to figure out why are your thighs fat and how can you get rid of them.

It’s not uncommon to have inner and outer thigh fat. Some people miss their thigh gaps, while others desire a new thigh gap. The outer layers of fat on your thighs may be causing you to have disproportionately long legs.

This is because thighs are easy to contour but quickly gain weight. The lower half of your body is affected by genetics. This can be a result of weight gain, pregnancy, and other factors. If you have any concerns regarding your thighs getting bigger, you can consult Salameh Plastic Surgery about getting a thigh reduction surgery.

What Causes Thigh Fat

Thigh fat is an indication of atrophied buttocks that settle within the thighs. This is due to a lack of exercise. You will experience fat accumulation and cellulite if you do not lead a physically active lifestyle. Fat accumulation in the hips, thighs, and buttocks can cause a thigh bulge. 

Women have always had a wider pelvis to support childbearing since the beginning of time. The pelvic fat serves as a cushion for the child. We at Salameh Plastic Surgery Center can confer cellulite surgery before and after. In-office liposuction in Newburgh or Evansville, Indiana, or Bowling, Green Kentucky may be the solution you are looking for.

Thigh fat can develop when your body’s healthy weight is not at its best. This is because estrogen during pregnancy causes fat to build below the abdomen, and prevents fat from growing above the waistline. Research has shown that fat accumulation and lower back pain have a correlation between the two conditions. Bad posture can lead to fat accumulation in your inner and outer thighs.

A poor diet is directly related to weight gain. Your body must receive enough nutrition, and you should avoid consuming empty calories. Extra calories are converted to fat. If you have troubles like swelling of the fat in you’re lower extremities, Salameh Plastic Surgery Center has the best lipedema surgeons in the US who can reestablish your natural body frame and dismiss anxiety. If you’re curious how our lipedema surgery before and after goes, you can check our website to provide you with useful information before considering one.

How to Get Rid of Thigh Fat?

Thigh fat can be removed in many ways. It is impossible to eliminate thigh fat by yourself. You can reduce your body weight by combining exercise and diet. This will help you to lose your thigh fat. The first-line treatments are exercise and a balanced diet. It may not be enough for obese and overweight patients. Some people may need to have thigh sculpting or body contouring done by liposuction. This involves the surgical removal or reduction of stubborn body fat.

If you regard undergoing liposuction for personal desires like for a better sculpture or aesthetics, Salameh Plastic Surgery has liposuction Bowling Green KY, and liposuction Newburgh or Evansville Indiana in which our double-certified plastic surgeons will assist you from the consultation up to the recuperation. You can check our website to see how our before and after liposuction surgery goes.

Lifestyle modification is one of the most effective and practical ways to lose weight. This includes eating a healthy, balanced diet and routinely exercising. It would also help to limit certain behaviors. You will lose weight through calorie burning and your thighs.

You can also opt for inner thigh fat removal. You can plan a visit at Salameh Plastic Surgery Bowling Green KY and Salameh Plastic Surgery Newburgh or Evansville Indiana and our surgeons will be happy to confer our inner thigh fat removal before and after the surgery methodology if you ever considered getting one.

We can also give you a summary of how much is liposuction in Kentucky. Prices vary from $4,300.00 up to $6,800.00. This scope is based on the number of treatments and the extra time needed to treat each region. All pricing assessments include hospital expenses, anesthesia fees, and surgeon’s fees. This cost range is an estimation. However, each patient’s personal condition will decide the final price. Consultations are mandated to determine this.

Dietary changes and Carbohydrates Intake

There is no diet that will help you lose your thigh fat. A recommended food intake is important to maintain your body’s weight. This includes fruits and veggies, whole grains, brown and beans, as well as legumes, nuts, seeds, and poultry.

Complex carbohydrates are a better choice. Complex carbohydrates are nutritious and healthy carbs found in whole-grain foods. They are slowly absorbed so they don’t overload your body. This includes whole-wheat products as well as unprocessed and husked grain cereals. Brown rice is another example. 

They are rich in vital nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. They act as compounds to reduce oxidative stress and inflict radical cell injury. Extreme cell injury can lead to multiple diseases in the body. This can cause mild flu symptoms to more serious conditions like Diabetes, weight gain, obesity, and cardiac disease.

Fruits and Vegetables

Weight loss can be achieved by eating fruits and vegetables in the recommended quantities. Because they are high in dietary fiber, this is why they help you lose weight. This keeps you fuller for longer periods of time. It stops you from binging on unhealthy snacks or overeating.

Dietary fibers also help to get rid of unhealthy fats. It aids to prevent the assemblage of fat. These fatty deposits are responsible for stubborn fat layers around the abdomen, thighs, and hips. Some of the most effective weight loss foods are tomatoes, apples, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and beetroot.

Seafood, Poultry, Nuts, Beans, and Seeds

Seafood is low-calorie and high-protein. These are both important factors for weight loss. Omega3 fatty acids can also increase your metabolism. It refers to all activities that occur in your body. Each activity results in an energy release that causes calorie burning. The metabolic rate is directly related to calorie burning. Some fish rich in omega3 fatty acids include salmon, tuna, and sardines. Protein-rich foods include eggs, turkey, and chicken.

Other food groups that are high in omega3 fatty acids include nuts, seeds, and beans. LDL (low cholesterol) is prevented and controlled by omega3 fatty acids. These fat deposits are responsible for stubborn fat deposits around the hips, abdomen, and thighs. It also contains dietary fibers that promote weight loss. You should ensure that you only eat the recommended amount of any diet. It can lead to nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.

Dairy Products and Drinking Plenty of Water

Low-fat dairy products are recommended. These products are rich in calcium and protein. A study has shown that protein can suppress appetite and stimulate satiety hormones. Yogurt has gut bacteria that improve digestion and metabolism.

For a healthy body, it is important to stay hydrated. Even mild dehydration can cause a slowdown in your metabolism. Water keeps you fuller and prevents you from binging. It flushes out toxins that could cause inflammation and weight gain.

Water is vital for burning fat from food and drinks, as well as stored fat. Water is also great for flushing out salty and unused fluids. Water intake, especially in the mornings before meals, can help curb hunger pangs. It can also make you feel fuller.

Foods to Avoid

You should avoid certain food products. It can not only prevent weight loss but also cause weight gain. It can also increase the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Refined Food Products

Refined flour is used in refined food products. These are carbs devoid of nutrients and empty calories. Insufficient nutrients and empty calories can lead to obesity and weight gain.

Fine food products include white bread, biscuits, and pastries as well as refined cooking oils. You will feel hungry and have a craving for more junk food. These foods are also low in vital nutrients, so they shouldn’t be part of your daily diet, especially if it’s a weight loss goal.

Procedural Foods and Alcohol

Preservatives and calories are high in processed food. Preservatives increase appetite and sugar content can be a source of high calories. They may cause overeating by interfering with hormones that control hunger and appetite. They also contain sugar.

High amounts of calories and little nutritional value are associated with alcohol. Alcohol consumption can lead to unhealthy eating habits, such as overeating and weight gain. Overconsumption can lead to weight gain and unwanted leg fat.

How to Lose Weight the Right Way

Combining exercise and diet is the best way to slim your legs. It will not only help you to improve the look of your thighs but can also help the overall functionality of your body to avoid further medical conditions. 

There are two kinds of exercise that can aid you to lose weight. Aerobic conditioning and anaerobic conditioning. Aerobic is an exercise that’s maintained for longer spans of time. It includes cardio exercises such as running, walking, or biking that boost your heart rate. Anaerobic is a brief burst of workout that lasts for shorter spans, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or strength training.


Weight loss isn’t permanently as easy as trimming calories in and calories out. However, there are some good assertions. You need to use your fat stores to benefit your body’s calorie needs. This proportion is delicate because too many calories can delay your metabolism and cause it to react negatively to low-calorie intake. Keep your metabolism healthy by not creating a deficit of 500-1000 calories each day.

However, diet is just one part. Exercise can help you increase your metabolism and shed fat. Certain types of exercises can help you burn fat quickly. 


High-intensity interval exercise (HIIT) is a great way to build strength and blast fat. It burns lots of calories and alters your insulin response, which positively influences your overall metabolism.

Although HIIT has a lot of variation, it is essentially alternating high-intensity, often explosive, with periods of recovery-intensity exercises. You need to do HIIT at 85-95% of your maximum effort to reap the metabolic benefits. HIIT has many benefits, but the most important benefit is increased metabolism. You’ll burn more calories and fat if you push yourself at HIIT workouts of 90-95% intensity for at least 24 hours.

Another benefit of HIIT is the variety. For your work period, you can use resistance-based exercises such as kettlebell swings and weighted lunges to alternate bodyweight exercises. An all-cardio HIIT training session is possible, but if you want to alter your body composition or create a slimmer thigh, weighted strength exercises are the best option.

You should consider HIIT because it is intense and you will need to incorporate other types of exercise. HIIT’s assertiveness is fine to allow for adequate recovery. If you want to alter your body composition, it is important to continue exercising on days off.

For most individuals 2-3 days of intense workouts per week is sufficient. To keep your body strong and healthy, it’s important to include cardio days as well as other forms of recovery such as yoga or other gentle movements.

Strength Training

You did read it correctly. Because the calories burned in a single strength training session are lower than that from cardio or HIIT, many people underestimate its impact on body fat. Research has shown that having more muscle means you will burn more calories. 

Even though your calorie deficit may not be significant, research from mice shows that weight training triggers a hormonal response in the body that stimulates fat cells’ destruction in a process called cellular crosstalk. Also, this suggests that fat cells can hop in to reconstruct muscle fibers after weight exercise. This a ysis is still fresh and more breakdowns are needed. All that said, strength training can assist you to accomplish your fat loss purposes.

We at Salameh Plastic Surgery Center also offer breast augmentation surgeries. If you wish to undertake breast surgery for personal desires like contouring or aesthetics, Salameh Plastic Surgery has breast augmentation Bowling Green KY, and breast augmentation Evansville Indiana in which our double-certified plastic surgeons will assist you from the consultation up to the recovery.

Cardio and Cardio for Long Distances

Maybe the question does running burn thigh fat crosses your mind. Cardio is a superb way to burn fat. You can maintain your metabolism firing by incorporating it with strength-based gap training and at least one day of recuperation per week. Mixing and matching your mode of exercise (e.g. running, biking, or swimming) is possible to keep your mind and body interested and alert.

LSD (long slow distance) is a great exercise if you have the time. This is a cardio activity that’s executed at a lower intensity and for a more prolonged time. You could do a more prolonged swim at an unhurried pace or a gentle long hike in the woods. This activity is not about intensity, but perseverance.

This type of workout will burn the most fat and provide energy. However, the final calorie count is still high enough to fuel your desire to lose weight. LSD can be used to build endurance or as a recovery exercise if the intensity of the workout is low enough.

Top Plastic Surgeons in Kentucky

If all the preventions and remedies we discuss above still do not get rid of your problems on thighs, we recommend having a consultation with trusted and reliable plastic surgeons.

Dr. Bernard Salameh, a double-board certified plastic surgeon who finish his training at Yale University and went to the prestigious Vanderbilt University, founded Salameh Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Salameh treats his patients with affection and innovative approaches to benefit his patients.

Dr. Salim (Sam) Saba is the most recent acquisition of Salameh Plastic Surgery who is also a double-board certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Saba finished at the University of California San Diego Medical Center for his plastic surgery apprenticeship and went to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for a microsurgical and breast reconstruction fellowship.

A talk with one of our plastic surgeons in Newburgh or Evansville Indiana or plastic surgeons Bowling Green KY should be set to assess your needs for the thigh reduction surgery. The procedure is performed in Salameh Plastic Surgery Bowling Green KY or Salameh Plastic Surgery Newburgh or Evansville Indiana which are AAAASF-certified surgical facilities, which will make sure you are relaxed during and after the procedure.

Dr. Bernard Salameh who is one of the best plastic surgeon in KY will lead the time to examine your medical background. Our plastic surgeons Newburgh or Evansville Indiana or plastic surgeons in Bowling Green KY will inquire what are your purposes to undergo the surgery. It is essential to be straight and realistic regarding your expectations with Dr Salameh. Dr. Salameh will also go over the process of operation fully with you, and the concurrent risks.


Our hereditary heritage at advent limits our capacity to shape and renovate our bodies. While some of us may not be able to change our body shape, others aren’t meant to have a thigh gap. We can attain beautiful, firm legs by reinforcing our muscles and staying lean with cardio and HIIT.

Leg transformation is not something you can do overnight. Many exercise gurus and diet companies promise fast leg transformations. Like any weight loss effort, getting the legs that you desire takes time and persistence. You can slim down your legs by losing body fat and focusing on exercises to tone your legs. Your body will be stronger and leaner if you are patient.

We at Salameh Plastic Surgery Center have the best thigh reduction surgery and do our surgeries with utmost care and precision. Suppose you live around Bowling Green or Evansville/Newburgh. In that case, you can schedule an appointment to find out if you are a good candidate for a double chin removal at our offices in Kentucky or Indiana.

At Salameh Plastic Surgery Center, we are plastic surgeons that accept payment plans for our patients right from consultation through various surgery. Our plastic surgeons Newburgh or Evansville, Indiana location also will deliver you with the most effective thigh reduction surgery, and a memorable experience! We also offer body shaping liposuction, breast reduction with lift and implants, and a thigh lift. We are also plastic surgeons that accept patientfi and credit care.

If you’re concerned about the procedure you can visit us at Salameh plastic surgery Bowling Green, KY, and Salameh plastic surgery Newburgh or Evansville, Indiana.

Or schedule a consultation with our top plastic surgeons in Kentucky by clicking this link at Salameh Plastic Surgery Center, or call us at (270) 228-3708.

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