5 Reasons a PRP Hair Procedure Makes Sense

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When hair loss occurs, there is no shortage of people who say they can help. It can be hard to pick through all the treatments and products on the market today. A PRP (or platelet-rich plasma) procedure is scientifically backed by tons of studies and research that shows its ability to stimulate blood flow, speed up the healing of wounds, encourage the replacement of cartilage, and yes, help your body to regrow lost hair. Here are five reasons that a PRP procedure makes sense for most cases of hair loss in both men and women.

1) Your Plasma Promotes Hair Growth

The PRP procedure requires blood, which is where plasma is found. For other procedures that require blood, the blood usually comes from a donor and there is always a slight chance that something might be contracted from that donor blood. In PRP procedures, blood is drawn from your own body, usually from the arm like any standard blood test. Then, your blood is spun at high speeds for ten minutes in a centrifuge to separate out the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells. Since the blood and plasma are coming directly from your own body using sterile equipment, it’s safe.

2) Can Be Used in Conjunction with Other Treatments

While PRP procedures can definitely be a treatment for hair loss by themselves, you can also combine this therapy with other options for stronger results. For example, you can use PRP therapy to help jump-start the hair regrowth and healing process after receiving the ARTAS hair transplant. The ARTAS system uses intelligent and highly sophisticated robotics to harvest and graft healthy hair follicles into problem areas. It’s a minimally invasive treatment, and the scalp will benefit from PRP therapy after the procedure is completed. While ARTAS has a faster recovery time than other hair transplant procedures, it can be even quicker with the aid of PRP therapy. Many experts will also recommend following up with appropriate hair care products after the PRP procedure. Specially formulated shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums deliver nourishing vitamins and proteins to promote extra volume, thickness, and healthy growth.

3) Noninvasive Procedure

Some hair transplant surgeries are more invasive and may need staples and sutures, or leave scarring. And while the ARTAS hair transplant procedure requires no staples or sutures and doesn’t leave any scarring, it is still a process that some may feel reluctant to take the first step towards. The PRP procedure is very simple and completely noninvasive. Once the plasma has been separated from your red blood cells, it is injected into your scalp directly in the thinning areas. You will have no more discomfort than anytime you receive a shot, and the tiny shaft wound will disappear just as quickly. The PRP procedure needs to be repeated every four weeks for a total of four treatments, with maintenance treatments every six months.

4) Rejuvenate & Regrow

The results behind the PRP procedure are backed by lots of scientific studies and research. When used as a hair treatment, the platelet-rich plasma increases blood flow to the area it was injected, encourages the growth of new hair follicles, improves the condition of hair, and increases the retention rate of hair follicles. While the instant results are not substantial, most people start seeing improvement around six months. And by 12 months, most patients will notice a remarkable improvement in hair retention and regrowth, as well as volume and thickness. The PRP procedure is a new medical treatment that is helping thousands keep and regrow lost hair.

5) PRP Can Complement & Enhance ARTAS

If you’ve already had or are considering ARTAS hair transplantation, a PRP procedure can be a great addition to further volumize your results. It speeds up the healing process and even rejuvenates the cells, meaning the overall effect of your hair transplant is significantly enhanced.

The PRP hair procedure can almost always be a practical addition to, or combination with, ARTAS.

So, if you’re considering shaving your head or picking out a new collection of hats for daily wear, reconsider with the affordable and noninvasive PRP hair procedure. This innovative new technology has already helped so many people regain confidence in their appearance and social life. PRP hair procedures work on many different types of hair loss. Contact Salameh Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation about what treatments are a good fit for you and your personal hair loss situation. After your treatments, you’ll feel as good as you look on the outside!

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