Breast Reduction and Lift Procedures:  What’s the Difference, and Which One is Right For You?

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Many of our clients ask us what the difference is between breast reduction and breast lifts. In fact, they’re often performed together. But they have slight variations that can cause confusion.

At Salameh Plastic Surgery, we want our patients to be well educated and informed so they are confident in the procedure they choose. Learn more about breast lift and breast reduction benefits below.

What is Breast Reduction?

People with enlarged breasts can suffer physical symptoms such as back pain, difficulty exercising, and general discomfort. These health issues can affect many aspects of daily life, and can also cause insecurity. Many of these people choose to undergo a breast reduction procedure to improve the quality of their lives regardless of the cosmetic factor.

A breast reduction is also called a reduction mammoplasty. During the procedure, excess tissue, fat, and skin are removed from the breasts to reach the patient’s preferred size. Many patients notice breast reduction benefits almost immediately after the procedure. Breast reduction takes a huge weight off their chests, both literally and figuratively, with natural-looking results and youthful contours.

What is a Breast Lift?

It’s natural that over time, breasts can lose firmness and fullness. Pregnancy, weight fluctuation, and aging can all affect the shape of your breasts. A breast lift is meant to restore the shape of the breasts and lift the nipple position, as well as reduce the size of the areola.

The main difference between breast reductions and breast lifts is their intended outcome. With a breast lift, you will effectively receive a minor breast reduction, but the purpose is to decrease sagging and drooping, not to decrease the size. A breast lift might appear to make your breasts smaller by tightening the skin envelope around the area, but the procedure generally removes only a minimal amount of tissue.

People choose to get breast lifts as a result of aging, asymmetry, downward-pointing nipples, excess skin stretching after dramatic weight loss, and stretching as a result of breastfeeding. A breast lift from a skilled surgeon can help these patients feel more youthful and proportioned. No matter the cause, Salameh Plastic Surgery can give you a breast reduction or breast lift that helps you feel wonderful in your own skin.

To summarize:

  • A breast reduction removes excess skin, fat, and tissue to make the breasts appear smaller.
  • A breast lift removes excess skin to make the breasts appear perkier, but its intended effect is not to remove fat or tissue.

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Everyone’s breasts are different, so we encourage you to come to us for a personalized in-person or virtual consultation to see if breast lift or breast reduction benefits will work for you. In addition to our office’s surgical procedures, we offer nonsurgical procedures, hair transplants, and a medical spa, all housed inside our offices and on site AAAASF certified surgical suite.  Together, we can find a solution that helps you feel confident, comfortable, and happy in your body.

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