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As we all know, bodies come in distinct figures and sizes. It makes each and every one of us special. With that in mind, it’s also noteworthy to know there isn’t a standard or a typical body. Most of us can classify our form into a few broad classifications. Some of us may appear to have slimmer hips or wider shoulders, some may appear to look more voluptuous because all of us are a little bit different. In this article, Salameh Plastic Surgery LLC will talk about female body types.

These true-to-life body types are based on the idea of somatotypes, which originated in the 1940s to associate body types with physical strengths and weaknesses, personality characteristics, and demeanor. Succeeding proof suggests personality has little to do with it. 

But there is an analysis suggesting disparities in physiques, hormonal responses, and physical performances in the actual somatotype profiles hold true. And there is concrete science behind using somatotypes for fitness and athletic training to improve performance. If you’re interested in plastic surgery Evansville Indiana, contact Dr. Salameh’s headquarters today to plan your first consultation.

Determining Body Type

The five principal body classification shapes are rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear, and apple. To help you figure out a female body shape, you can check in front of a mirror without clothes or just your undergarments. You can get a more precise measurement by using a tape measure and reading along to decide what attributes make up your body.


The rectangle body shape or often called the athletic build is the most upfront shape in the list. Women who have this body shape are identified to have similar widths. The rectangle body shape consists of a similar bust, hip, and shoulder width. If shorter women have a rectangle body type, they’ll appear to be shorter and heavier than they actually are. 

To know if you have a rectangle body shape, you can measure your bust, hip, and shoulder width. If every area of your body is the same, you most likely have a rectangular shape. You have to pick clothes that can present your body into an hourglass constitution to combat the box shape of your body and break up outfits with layers and various clothing proportions.

Rectangle body shape attributes:

  • Your hips, waistline, and shoulders have about identical widths.
  • Rectangles accumulate weight evenly but may accumulate some more through the upper body or neck.
  • You have relatively straight shoulders.
  • Your buttocks may appear to be flat.
  • You have an athletic build and an undersized bustline.

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Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body shape is expressed as a body shape with bigger proportions on the top than on the bottom. It also appears to be an athletic build as the legs and waist are quite smaller than the bust and shoulders’ width. You can measure the entirety of your hips, bust, and shoulders to know if you have an inverted triangle body shape. 

If it appears that the widths of your bust and hips are almost the same, you can conclude that you have an inverted triangle body shape. You can pick clothes that emphasize the lower half of your body and wear nude shoes to make your legs appear elongated.

Inverted body shape attributes:

  • You have distinguished and wide straight shoulders, broader than your waistline or hips.
  • You have an athletic physique.
  • You presumably have relatively flat buttocks.
  • You might have a bigger chest and a more full back than rectangles.
  • When inverted triangles accumulate weight, they usually accumulate it through the torso and back area.

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Often called the bombshell shape, the hourglass body shape is a body shape that appears to look like an hourglass because of the contoured shape of the waist which emphasizes the wider hips and bust. To know whether you have an hourglass body shape, examine your body with a full-size mirror and check your curves if they appear more like a coke bottle figure. 

You can also try to measure your bust, hips, and shoulders. Like what we discussed about the rectangle body shape as the body proportions are likely to be of identical widths, the hourglass body shape will likely differ because of its beautiful contoured waist. Another sign is that your waist is particularly indented.

Select clothes that can emphasize the uniqueness of your waist rather than hiding or hiding your physique. Although uncommon, the hourglass body type can also be achieved through augmentation surgeries. You can contact Salameh Plastic Surgery if you decide to have breast augmentation. We have breast augmentation Bowling Green KY, and breast augmentation Evansville Indiana to help you achieve a better figure. We also offer fat-transfer body contouring.

Hourglass body shape attributes:

  • Your hips and shoulders have almost the exact width.
  • You have rounded and tilted shoulders.
  • You have a reasonably-defined waistline.
  • Your buttocks are relatively rounded.
  • Your lower hips are vaster than your high hips.
  • Your thighs are full but slimmer than the lower hips.
  • Hourglass body shapes attain weight through the hips and beyond the waist.

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Like an apple, the apple’s body shape is determined by its rounder shape which resembles the fruit we know. Notable signs that can be seen include a circular contour, a waist that has no definition, and equivalent body proportions. To know whether you have an apple body shape, you can measure the bust, hips, and shoulders widths by using a tape measure. 

If your body dimensions appear to be identical or similar, you may have an apple body shape type. When picking a dress for your apple shape, opt for structured attires that add sharp lines to your overall appearance, as this usually makes your abdomen look slimmer.

Apple body shape attributes:

  • Hips and shoulders have identical widths; the waistline has an identical width or is broader.
  • You acquire weight mainly around the waist, at least in balance with the other aspects of your body.
  • You presumably have slim lower legs and arms.
  • Your high hip is broader than your lower hip.
  • Your bust and/or abdomen are bigger than your hips.
  • You presumably have a shorter waist.
  • Your thighs or hips are presumably the slimmest part of your body.

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Like a pear, our last body type is called the pear-shaped body type because it resembles the pear shape that has a slimmer top and a broader lower part. You can check if you have a pear-shaped body type by observing yourself in a full-size mirror. If your shoulder and bust measurements appear to be smaller than the width of your hips, then you can assume that you have a pear-body-shaped type. Choose a dress that can emphasize your back, arms, shoulders, and waist to appear to have a more outline.

Pear body shape attributes:

  • Your hips are broader than your shoulders.
  • You have rounded slanted shoulders.
  • You have a well-defined abdomen.
  • Your buttocks and thighs are well-rounded and full.
  • Pear body shapes accumulate weight on their thighs.

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Female Body Measurements

Weighing scales often show volatility and do not show the full picture of what weight loss is.  Weight can be redirected based on how many liquids you intake, menstrual cycles, and any other aspects that can cause you to gain weight. Learning how to take precise body measurements can help trace improvement, evaluate body fat changes, and even help choose tailored and fitted apparel. 

Importance of Measurements for Weight Loss & Health

Usually, a scale can help you to track your weight loss progress. Hydration and flushing out bacteria in your system can help you reduce weight. Fats, muscles, bones, fluids, and organs are also included when a scale assesses your body weight. So, we can conclude that a scale does not convey the true loss or gain in body fat ratio. It also refutes muscle mass gain while pursuing a strength training program.

We can conclude that taking body measurements are more precise and show the differences in our body transformation and composition. This is also true while tracking changes and adapts when taking measurements.

Taking a Women’s Body Measurement

When seizing body measurements, you can use these tips to guarantee accuracy. You can use a tape measure for a more precise reading. Use a cloth measuring tape rather than a fixed metal tape as it may skew the measurement readings. Also, avoid using tape measures that stretch too much as it may cause wrong readings.

You can position the tape measure around the body part that you wish to measure. Maintain the tape measure’s level around the body parallel to the floor. Make sure that you take the measurements on bare skin and not over the clothes as it may lead to a wrong reading. Lastly, make sure that you do not tighten the tape and make sure that a finger should not fit through it while taking measurements.

Write down your readings to make sure they will not be forgotten and trail your progress on a chart. Track your progress every 4 weeks or so in a body measurement chart. While the difference in your body may not be noticeable, a tape measure can help you reveal the truth. By tracking your body measurement, you have the stimulation to achieve your weight loss goals or maintain your body’s general composition. 

Measurements for Women

Upper arms, bust, waist, hips, thighs, and inseam are the most typical measurements you need to track when you’re a woman. You can consult Salameh Plastic Surgery or Dr. Bernard Salameh if you have cellulite and also to know how our cellulite surgery before and after goes.

Upper Arms, Bust, and Waist

Measure the largest part of each arm above the elbow. First, try to measure both of your arms and record it. After that, take the tape measure around your bust and wrap it under the armpits. Make sure that the tape measure is back to front and over the shoulder for a more precise reading. 

You can measure your waist girth by wrapping the tape measure around below the rib cage and just beyond the belly button to measure your waist measurements. Envelop the tape measure roughly on the waist, much like a belt at the midsection of your body. When taking the measurement, settle the breathing and do not suck in the belly.

The measurement regards fat distribution in the abdomen and is a strong forecaster of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Women are recommended to keep their waist circumference under 35 inches to decrease health risks.

Hips, Thighs, and Inseam

Starting at one hip, clad the tape measure near the widest part of the hipbone. Rotate the tape measure around the glutes to a different hip before you go back to your starting point. You can stand in a full-size mirror and observe while measuring to check if the tape measure is leveled and secured. The typical defined waist-to-hip ratio is around less than 0.85 based on the World Health Organization. Wrap the tape measure around near the highest and widest part of your thigh and clad it back to the front. This should be done while standing to achieve optimal precision.

The inseam measures the topmost point of the inner thigh down to your ankle. If it is hard for you, you can ask for assistance from a friend or a fitting specialist at your favorite clothing store. While it may appear that is not exactly an indication of weight loss, it is also valuable to try fitted clothing when sizing.

What Elements Influence Your Body Shape?

Some features of your body type are defined by your bone structure. For example, some people have more voluptuous, rounder buttocks and a spine that looks curved. The general shape of the body can be heavily influenced by how tall or short you are. It may also appear to others that you may have broader hips, shorter legs, or more elongated torsos.

By the period you reach adulthood, your bone frame and proportions are largely set, even if your measurements vary as you acquire or lose weight. Genetics also plays a part. Your genes decide how your body gains mass and keeps fat. And in many circumstances, body fat isn’t evenly disseminated. Some may discover that they generally store fat in their midsection, while others’ weight takes place on their thighs, legs, or arms first.

Hormones can also influence your body shape. A study indicates that the fat buildup that is close to your midsection and vital organs may be linked to the hormone called cortisol which is usually discharged when you are feeling stressed. Estrogen and progesterone, discharged by sexual organs, can also influence how your body stores fat. Estrogen, for instance, can instruct your body to keep fat in your lower abdomen.

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Rather than focusing on or desiring an unrealistic body image, you can take your body measurements to track or maintain progress toward good health. You can also use these body measurements to record the progress of your body proportions when you are exercising, dieting, or for other purposes, you’re aiming for. Health is much more valuable than the numbers that can be seen on the scale. Progress in maintaining a good cholesterol level, a boost in energy, and a superb sense of overall well-being is actually a sign of good health.

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