Get the Curves You Want with a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks

womans buttocks after fat transfer

What is a Fat Transfer to the Buttocks?

Also known as a Brazilian butt lift, this procedure is the perfect solution for various figure problems. This may be the procedure for you if:

  • Your buttocks are loose and sagging due to age or rapid weight loss.
  • Your buttocks are very small, making your body look unbalanced.
  • You don’t like the shape of your buttocks and would like them to be rounder and more lifted.
  • You want the appealing look of round, firm buttocks.
  • You don’t like the way you look in your jeans or bathing suit.

How Does the Procedure Work?

A butt lift involves multiple steps. Our surgeon can outline the plan with you and let you know what to expect at every phase of the augmentation. The procedure involves the removal of fat from areas where you have excess fat. This might be the belly, thighs or back. Then, the fat is purified before it is injected into the buttocks region.

After you recover from the procedure, you can enjoy a new, rounder, fuller posterior. Due to the liposuction treatment involved, you may also have a slimmer, firmer shape all around. To ensure you get the beautiful, youthful buttocks you’re dreaming of, discuss your goals and expectations with our double board-certified plastic surgeon.

If you feel your rear is in need of a tune-up, reach out to Salameh Plastic Surgery in Bowling Green, KY! Dr. Salameh will apply his passion for cosmetic surgery to your specific desires, helping you look your best from all angles. For more information on fat transfer to the buttocks, contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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