How To Get Rid of Cheek Fat

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The fat on your cheeks can make your face appear like it’s a bit overweight. Finding the perfect position for your selfie may be a struggle, and people may think you’ve gained weight. If you’re tired of your cheeks being chubby, Salameh Plastic Surgery can help. Read this article for advice.

A face that is wider around the cheekbones and slimmer on the chin is generally shown to look younger. The majority of people had an egg-shaped or heart-shaped facial shape when they were younger. As we get older the lower part of the face becomes more rounded in a way that reduces the prominence of cheekbones.

The stubborn fat that gives the appearance of cheeks that are chubby is difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise by themselves. With Salameh Plastic Surgery, you can get a slimmer facial appearance by removing excess fat from your cheeks and relaxing the jawline by using Buccal Fat Pad Reduction.

Simple Tips To Lose Cheek Fat

Weight loss is a major contributor to a more slim-looking face. In fact, if you’ve observed another person who has lost weight, it’s likely that you’ve observed how slim their face appeared! The most effective way to reduce facial fat is to make subtle modifications to your exercise routine and diet. Aiming to consume fewer calories than you burn can aid in losing weight over time.

It is possible that you are experiencing cheeks that are large because your body is storing excess fluid. There are a variety of reasons for water retention and dehydration is among the most common. The body stores extra water when it feels like you’re insufficiently hydrated. The extra fluid may be transferred to various body parts, such as the face. Try to drink at least 2 liters of water each day to stay hydrated.

It is possible to get beautiful cheekbones through the jaw release exercise. It will stretch the muscles surrounding the jaws, cheeks, and lips. You can do the exercise by sitting or standing straight and shifting your jaw as if you’re chewing something. Keep your lips shut as you chew, and breathe into and out slowly while you sound your hum. Then, you can expand your mouth with the tongue pressing against the bottom of your teeth and remain there for five seconds before breathing into and out. The entire process makes one repetition.

The blowing air exercise can alleviate the problem of your cheeks being too fat by working almost all neck and facial muscles. It’s in fact, one of the most effective facial exercises that can reduce cheeks that are too big and double cheeks. It can give your face a natural lift and a slimmer appearance. Take a seat and place your back straight and then turn your head to the back so you’re facing upwards. Next, draw into your lips and try to blow air. Try this for a couple of minutes, and then relax.

The most common method to shed excess cheek fat is to consume a balanced diet and exercise frequently. Your face will slim when you shed weight. Many people see improvements after losing just a few pounds. If you choose to live a healthy and active lifestyle, chubby cheeks will be an era from the distant past.

Last but not the least, consuming foods that are high in sodium and sugar can trigger water retention. If your body is able to store excess water, areas of your body may become puffy, even in the cheeks. There is only a small quantity of sodium and sugar every day you need to consume, so you should try eliminating salty and sugary food items from your diet. Don’t forget to smile. Smiles give you the opportunity to work out those facial muscles and cut down cheek fat. It’s the most beneficial exercise you can do to tone your cheeks. 

A Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

The procedure of removing buccal fat is performed in a hospital using a general anesthetic and takes about 20 minutes for the entire procedure. To eliminate the extra cheek fat, an opening has to be made within the cheeks. After the fat has been removed, a series of dissolving stitches are utilized to close the incision.

Buccal fat removal may be combined with other procedures like Rhinoplasty and facial implants in order to achieve an improved facial form and facial structure. This straightforward procedure is intended to shrink or even eliminate your buccal fat pads in order to improve the facial contour. This is a custom treatment that is customized to the individual patient and their goals for aesthetics.

What is the process?

An appointment with one of our plastic surgeons Evansville Indiana or plastic surgeons Bowling Green KY should be scheduled to evaluate your needs and your buccal fat condition. The procedure is performed in Salameh Plastic Surgery Bowling Green KY or Salameh Plastic Surgery Evansville Indiana which are AAAASF-certified surgical facilities, which will make sure you are comfortable.

In the process, an incision of a small size is made on both the outside of the mouth and the cheek’s inside for less visibility. The buccal fat pad is diminished using a specific technique. The incisions will then be closed with gentle pressure.

After the Buccal Fat Pad Reduction, there’s a period of downtime and there is most likely to be swelling that will subside quite quickly. The effects can be immediately evident, resulting in an enlarging and more well-defined appearance of the face and facial hollowness. Reduced buccal fat is a safe method for creating a more defined and well-defined facial shape.

Who are the candidates?

There are a few things you need to consider before you reduce the buccal fat pad. One of them is if you’re trying to eliminate the cheeks that look chubby and want a more defined and attractive appearance. Additionally, you could be a great candidate for this if you have a pseudoherniation on your cheeks. Insufficient fat pads can cause this.

You could also be a great candidate if you wish to improve the look of your cheekbones or have excessive volume in your cheeks, giving you a chipmunk appearance that can make you feel self-conscious. In addition, you may have lost weight but appear full of your face, especially around the mid-face area.

The first step in the cheek reduction procedure is your initial consultation. You will then engage in a lengthy discussion in consultation with Dr. Salameh concerning the procedure. The first consultation is to determine if you meet the requirements for the procedure.

Dr. Bernard Salameh who is one of the best plastic surgeon in KY will conduct the time to review your medical background and ask whether you are smoking cigarettes. Our plastic surgeons Evansville, Indiana, or plastic surgeons in Bowling Green, KY inquire what are your objectives to undergo the surgery. It is essential to be truthful and realistic regarding your expectations with Dr. Salameh. Dr. Salameh will also go over the method of operation fully with you, and the associated risks.

It is expected that you don’t drink or consume food for at least six hours prior to the procedure in the event that you are having the procedure under anesthesia general. Avoid using aspirin or any other blood thinner for at least two weeks prior to the date of your surgery. If you smoke, you must avoid smoking for at most 4 weeks prior to your surgery. Lastly, avoid drinking alcohol for at minimum 2 days prior to the procedure.

Post-Surgery Recovery Following the Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Although mild to moderate bleeding and swellings are common following the procedure, they should subside by themselves. It is not uncommon to experience mild pain after surgery. But, you’ll be given anti-pain medications to ease your discomfort.

In addition to the medication prescribed, you will be instructed to sleep on two pillows when you sleep, for at least two days following surgery. The consumption of solid foods will be limited for a few days due to an incision made inside your mouth. Additionally, you will be instructed to wash your mouth 4 to 5 times per day for the first 7 days after surgery.

Fortunately, the buccal fat elimination procedure is very minimally invasive. Except for intense physical activities, the majority of activities can resume a day or two following the procedure. However, it’ll take approximately one week to return to all your usual routines. In addition, you’ll only require a couple of follow-up visits to check that your healing process is running smoothly.


There is a natural way and a surgical option for you to get rid of cheek fat. Living a healthy lifestyle will not only improve your facial features but can also improve the overall appearance of your body. From now on, try to do the facial exercises that we mentioned above, and don’t forget to smile. Salameh Plastic Surgery Center is here if diet and exercise are not enough to lose those cheek fat.

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