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Key Benefits of Breast Augmentation in Kentucky

There are several key benefits of requesting breast augmentation from our surgeon in Kentucky. Some women have breasts that are different sizes, making it difficult to buy brassieres or clothing. Other women need surgery to remove benign or cancerous growths in the breasts, and in some cases, the entire interior portions or the outer skin tissue is removed. A woman may have extremely small breasts that lead to a strange appearance because she has larger hips. Females also experience changes to the breasts from pregnancy, breast-feeding infants, losing weight or other health issues. Today, there is no reason to cope with these problems because a surgeon can recommend a surgical procedure to lift or enlarge the breasts.Many breast augmentation surgeries are simple for our surgeon to perform with few incisions and a fast recovery time. However, some breast augmentation procedures require more time to complete because our surgeon must make several openings to repair damaged tissues. You must be an adult to have breast augmentation surgery, and the average woman chooses to have this procedure after completing her pregnancies. However, there are older women who want to have breast augmentation to combat the signs of aging that occur from the weight changes that occur, leading to drooping breast tissue.

What are the Benefits?

There are multiple benefits from breast augmentation in Kentucky that can include:

• Reducing pain in the shoulders from drooping breasts
• Making it easier to find clothing that fits
• Looking better in revealing clothing
• Improving your self-esteem
• Overcoming the damage from surgeries
• Eliminating back pain
• Making it easier to breathe

If you are interested in having breast augmentation, you should visit a surgeon for an evaluation. This examination will include collecting X-rays of your body, and you should prepare to provide your medical history. You may need augmentation for reconstruction after cancer surgery, or perhaps you want to enlarge your breasts. This is all completed in our fully accredited AAAASF certified surgical facility.

There are several types of breast implants available, and some of these only require a tiny opening in your navel to insert the plastic device that will hold saline solution. The plastic devices are pushed upward into each breast so that our surgeon can inject the saline solution to fill the item. This will help to lift and enlarge each breast. Other types of breast implants are already filled with gel or silicone, and our surgeon must make an opening underneath each breast or in the armpits to insert the items. Our surgeon will help you to choose breast implants that are the proper size, shape and texture for your body.

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