Thinking About Undergoing a Cosmetic Procedure? Here are 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

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Cosmetic procedures can improve your life drastically, whether by raising your self-esteem, improving physical health issues, or both! That said, cosmetic treatments should not be performed on a whim without preparing properly.

There are serious questions you should have the answers for before you commit to any cosmetic procedures. If you are considering plastic surgery or any nonsurgical procedure, ask yourself these questions first.

1. Do I Know What the Procedure Actually Entails?

There’s no reason to rush into a cosmetic procedure without doing the proper research first. Make sure you know what the procedure actually consists of, whether or not it’s surgical, how long it will take to see results, and what your alternative options are. As they say, knowledge is power! There are many helpful resources for doing research, from our very own blog posts to scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon in order to ask them individualized questions about the procedure.

2. Do I Have Realistic Expectations?

Cosmetic treatments can tremendously improve your self-esteem, to the point that studies have proven this to be true. If you go into your cosmetic procedure with realistic expectations grounded in what is physically possible for your body, you will be much happier with the results than if you go into the procedure with unrealistic expectations. Cosmetic procedures can absolutely improve your attitude and self-esteem, but make sure you’re not overly relying on cosmetic treatments to provide you with personal happiness.

3. Do I Know for Certain My Plastic Surgeon Is Qualified?

When it comes to finding a plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic procedures, don’t just blindly go with the first name you come across. It’s important to do proper research in order to find the best plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic treatment. Look for surgeons who are double board or board certified, have before and after pictures that show off their skills, and have lots of good reviews. You can find reviews of plastic surgeons and the different cosmetic treatments they offer on sites like RealSelf and even Yelp. It can also be useful to book initial consultations with a few different plastic surgeons. The in-person experience of your cosmetic procedure and how you’re treated by the clinic’s staff can be just as important as the procedure results!

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4. Am I Ready for the Procedure Prep and Aftercare?

While many nonsurgical procedures have little to no amounts of prep and aftercare, surgical procedures (and even some nonsurgical cosmetic procedures) can have substantial amounts. Are you willing to make any required lifestyle changes during the prep and/or aftercare period, such as abstaining from alcohol? If necessary, have you scheduled enough time off work to recover from your cosmetic treatment? Make sure you are clear on the required procedure prep and aftercare and are ready to follow your surgeon’s instructions to the greatest degree possible during this time.

5. Am I Certain This is What I Want?

Some types of cosmetic procedures are either long-lasting, expensive to reverse, or permanent altogether. Many people are well aware of this and have no doubt in their minds that they want to undergo a certain procedure. However, if you’ve decided to pursue a cosmetic treatment on an impulsive whim, take a moment to do some self-reflection and further research. Only follow through with your cosmetic procedure once you’re certain that your expectations are realistic, you’re willing to do the proper prep and aftercare, and you trust your surgeon wholeheartedly.

Experience the Best Cosmetic Procedures with Salameh Plastic Surgery

At Salameh Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, we greatly value every prospective patient who calls us, emails us, and schedules a virtual consultation with us. We understand that choosing a clinic and plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic treatment is no small decision, which is why we do everything we can to earn your trust as a patient. When you have a consultation with our world-renowned head surgeon, you will experience Dr. Salameh’s skill, expertise, and level of care for his patients firsthand. As a clinic, we ensure we listen to our patients and perform cosmetic procedures based on their preferences and goals.

Our commitment to honesty and transparency means we put the patient first in all things. Our reputation as one of the best cosmetic treatment clinics in the U.S., countless positive patient reviews, and Dr. Salameh’s worldwide renown speak for themselves. Thanks to our intimate staff size, our patients receive personalized treatment from the same friendly faces of our staff at each appointment. For the highest-quality results and best quality of care, Salameh Plastic Surgery is the premier choice for any cosmetic procedure.

If you have any other questions, leave a comment below, or send us a message directly. Make an appointment with Salameh Plastic Surgery today — we hope to see you at our gorgeous Bowling Green, Kentucky facility soon!

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