What do Normal Vaginas Look Like

conceptual abstract image of the female reproductive system. Female uterus with vagina and ovaries

The vagina is a flexible canal that connects the uterus to the vulva. Vaginas differ among people in shape, color, and size. Wanting to know what a typical vagina looks like is normal and can help you feel more comfortable with your body.  It can also aid with recognizing abnormal changes. In this article, Salameh Plastic Surgery LLC will help you distinguish what you need to know about vaginas.

The female anatomy comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Many individuals fear that their genitalia doesn’t look “normal,” but frankly there is no normal. And unless you’re normal including discomfort or pain, everything is likely okay. 

There’s indeed no such thing as a “normal” looking vulva. Vaginas and vulvas are as distinctive as faces, they all have the same parts, but everyone looks slightly different. Labia (the internal and exterior lips) come in all sizes and shapes. Individuals can have dangly labia, puffed labia, or slightly-there labia. Some individuals’ internal labia stick out past their external labia, and others have internal labia that are more tucked in.


The vagina is a flexible tube that attaches the uterus and cervix to the vulva. The vagina is approximately 3 inches long. The form of a vagina can differ from person to person. Some vaginas are elliptical like an egg, while others can look like a cylinder shape. The entrance of the vagina is between the urethra, through which urine exits the body, and the anus. 

The vaginal entrance is where blood exits the body during menses, a penis penetrates during sexual intercourse, and a baby exits the body during labor. The hymen is a thin layer of tissue that covers and somewhat covers the vaginal opening. Sexual intercourse or workout can stretch or rip it. The cervix links the uterus to the vagina. A small hole in the cervix permits menstrual blood and sperm to pass across. During birth, the cervix widens.

Through arousal and sexual stimulus, the vagina expands. During sexual arousal, the uterus and cervix raise upward, making the vagina more elongated. Either side of the vaginal opening is where we can see Bartholin’s glands. People cannot usually notice or sense these glands. When aroused, the glands discharge fluid that lubricates the vagina.

The Gräfenberg spot, or G spot, sits a few inches inside the vagina at the front. When aroused, the G spot will likely swell. The area of the female anatomy that is visible externally, the vulva, is what many individuals refer to as the vagina. However, the only part of the vagina observable outside of the body is the vaginal entrance. The vulva contains the labia minora and majora, or the “lips,” which cover the vaginal opening. 

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Usual Length and Width of the Vagina

There is a 2018 study in which 657 participants partake in ages between 15 and 84 for research regarding the length and width of a vagina. Frankly, there isn’t much data about the standard size of a vagina so this study is the most reliable.  This study also reconfirms the results of the previous research conducted before.

An example of this is that the labia majora size directly corresponds to your body mass index (BMI). Giving birth is also a factor for the changes in your labia majora measurement. The outcomes indicate the following for the average labia:

  • 79.71 millimeters (mm), or about 3.1 inches (in), long is the dimension for the right labia majora.
  • The left side of labia majora is typically around 79.99mm long or just around 3.1 inches long.
  • The right side of the labia minora is typically around 42.1mm long or just around 1.6 inches long and 13.4mm wide which is 0.5 inches.
  • The left side of the labia minora is typically 42.97mm long or in inches, around 1.7 inches, and 14.55mm wide or around 0.5 inches.

While the study seems successful, it also has its constraints. The number of older participants is lacking because of willingness and eligibility. The researchers also select to use only white women in order to create a largely homogenous assembly without ethnic variety.

This research also emphasizes and helps to demonstrate the variation of sizes across different ages and body sizes on how a vagina can appear to be healthier. If you have a labia minora or labia majora that is particularly sensitive to pain and discomfort, its size will not matter as you may experience a symptom called labial hypertrophy which in medical terms is called enlarged labia.

This medical condition called labial hypertrophy causes difficulty while cleaning your vagina or can cause discomfort and eventually may lead to an infection. They can evaluate your symptoms and recommend any next steps.

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An individual can bring out a self-exam of their vagina to scan for any unusual changes that may suggest a health issue. Self-exams are valuable alongside standard gynecologist pelvic examinations and cervical screening. Individuals can bring out a self-exam of their vagina when they are not menstruating. For a self-exam, they will need pillows for comfort, a handheld mirror, and a small light.

By following some steps, you can carry out a self-examination.

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water.
  2. Withdraw garments from below the waist.
  3. Incline against a wall or pillows to sustain the body from falling.
  4. Bend your knees, maintaining both feet flat on the floor and the legs wide separated.
  5. Maintain holding the light and mirror in front of the vagina.
  6. Utilize only one hand to outstretch the entrance of the vagina.
  7. Put a finger inside the vagina and gently touch the walls of the vagina, which you will sense like the roof of the mouth.
  8. Check for any bumps, lumps, or raised areas that could be sores or uncommon growths.
  9. When checking for the cervix, it may assist to move to a squatting position.
  10. Gently insert the finger more in-depth into the vagina to touch the cervix, which may be similar to the tip of the nose.

Vaginal discharge can vary slightly in texture and color during menopause, the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy. Healthy discharge is usually precise to white or faint yellow, and it can have a benign odor. If an individual detects any noteworthy change in their vaginal discharge, this could suggest an underlying issue. The person can visit their doctor for a checkup and inform them of any other symptoms.

Vaginal Discharge

At the time of your puberty, you’ll start accumulating a vaginal discharge (a wet element that comes out of your vagina). You’ll presumably start noticing this discharge on your underwear. It can look white, slightly yellow, or clear particularly when it patches on underwear. About your period, it may be brown or pink or sometimes called spotting.

Your vaginal discharge transitions throughout your menstrual process. You’ll notice it has more discharge than others, and it may get thinner or thicker, or change color a tiny bit. Most discharge is totally ordinary, it’s part of your vagina’s manner of cleansing itself.

It’s a smart idea to watch what your vulva and vaginal discharge usually look and smell like, so you’ll notice some changes, which could also be a symptom of an illness. If you have discharge that’s lumpy, gray, green, foamy, and/or has a pungent fishy smell, see a doctor, nurse, or your Planned Parenthood health headquarters. Don’t worry, vaginal conditions are really ordinary, and they’re usually manageable to treat.

When you’re sexually aroused, you might see that your vagina deems more wet than normal. That’s because your vagina produces a clear, slippery fluid at works like a natural lubricant, to lower friction during lovemaking. This is your body’s habit of getting prepared for sex and making sex feel more comfortable.

How to Clean Your Vagina and Vulva?

The most suitable way to wash your vulva is to only wash the outside parts with mild soap and water (you can simply do this when you’re taking a shower). Don’t ever put soaps or other cleansers up inside your vagina. You oughtn’t to cleanse the inside of your vagina as it can already cleanse itself.

It’s normal for your vagina and vaginal discharge to have a slight odor, even when it’s clean. But don’t worry as it’s not something other people will notice. Do not douche or use vaginal deodorants or any other type of “feminine hygiene” sprays or washes. In fact, douching and using aromatic “feminine hygiene” by-products can actually cause irritation and ailments.

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As we’ve talked about throughout the article, the vagina is an elastic tube that links the uterus and cervix to the vulva. The color, shape, and size of the vagina can differ among people. Anyone who detects any uncommon symptoms, such as growth, in or about their vagina should visit their doctor or gynecologist for a checkup. 

Indications of a health issue may have discharge with an uncommon color, such as dark yellow, green, or gray discharge. Sudsy discharge and discharge that has an odor. Lumps or bumps inside your vagina and discomfort when urinating or during lovemaking. Individuals can also bring out a self-examination of their vagina to check for any notable changes or growths. However, self-examination should not substitute standard pelvic examinations with a healthcare professional.

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