What to Expect in Nonsurgical Jawline Contouring Treatments

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As a key feature of any person’s profile and overall appearance, the jawline is often an important area of focus in both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Nonsurgical jawline contouring can be an effective and appealing alternative to more invasive or complex surgical interventions. Whether you’re hoping to minimize the signs of aging or simply want to achieve a more defined jawline, learning what jawline contouring entails is the perfect place to start. Read on for a quick, helpful guide on nonsurgical jawline contouring to determine whether this treatment might be a good fit for you.

Why Consider a Nonsurgical Jawline Procedure

For many of us, a defined jawline is an attribute we enjoyed in youth but which may have declined in later years due to factors like a progressive loss of bone mass and reduced muscle tone. The key objective of nonsurgical jawline contouring is to reverse these effects with a stronger, more youthful, and healthy-looking jawline. 

What Jawline Contouring Involves

The process of nonsurgical jawline contouring is relatively straightforward. However, it’s important to keep in mind that, while surgery is not involved, this treatment still requires just as much precision, experience, and expertise as would be required for a surgical jawline procedure. Here are the major steps involved in the process:

Initial consultation. During this step, you’ll consult with the expert practitioner who will be performing the procedure. He or she will explain what jawline contouring involves, and will ask questions to get a better sense of your specific goals and needs. You’ll have the opportunity to explain what you hope to gain from nonsurgical jawline contouring, whether it’s a more defined jawline, a reduction of excess skin in the chin and neck area, a slimmer neckline, or a stronger profile. Whatever your objectives may be, the initial consultation is a crucial first step in clarifying — and ultimately achieving — the results you desire.

  • Preparation. In advance of your contouring procedure (and based on what’s recommended during your consultation), you may be asked to discontinue the use of certain medications, particularly blood thinners, before your nonsurgical jawline contouring procedure.
  • The procedure itself. After you’ve arrived for your procedure, the licensed professional who will be performing the contouring will prep you for the procedure and numb the area. Dermal filler — an option like Juvederm Voluma or Restylane Lyft may be used — will be injected directly into the skin to create a more defined jawline. As the injections are made, progress will be tracked to ensure the best possible results. While your practitioner will inform you what jawline contouring timeline to expect, the process of nonsurgical jawline contouring typically takes about half an hour.
  • Post-procedure care. A major benefit of nonsurgical jawline contouring is that the results are virtually instantaneous. You may be encouraged to apply an ice pack to the area and may experience temporary bruising or swelling. To enjoy the results of a more defined jawline to the utmost, a healthy diet and optimized skin care regimen can help support the results of your procedure for months and even years.

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Determining Whether Nonsurgical Jawline Contouring Is Right for You

To a certain degree, the relevance of jawline contouring will depend on your personal goals, body, and procedure. Seeking advice from a qualified medical professional you can trust is vital to ensuring success at every phase of the process. If you’ve noticed the effects of aging or signs of weakness in the chin, jaw, or neck area, a nonsurgical procedure for a more defined jawline may be an effective way to address your areas of concern. 

To learn more about the process of nonsurgical jawline contouring, and to arrange a complementary consultation to determine whether this procedure may be a good fit for you, contact the expert team at Salameh Plastic Surgery today.

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