What Your Hair Reveals to the World About You

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Your hair is one of the first things a person notices about you, and that stays true whether you’re meeting them for the first time or greeting them multiple times a week. But just what does your hair communicate to others, besides what kinds of products you’re into? Take a deep dive into what your hair says about you with Salameh Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant.

Message 1: Your Sense of Style and Grooming

It’ll be no surprise to learn that one of the first things your hair tells others is about how you carry yourself from a visual standpoint. A messy bedhead sends a different message than a lustrous mane, and the rest of your wardrobe will often play into how your hair reflects you to others (and vice versa). Notice how it’s rare to see a grungy teen with neatly trimmed hair, or a pristine business executive with a raggedy beard and curls? What your hair says about you can tell others a lot about your personal sense of style.

Message 2: Your Personal Values

As you might have picked up, your hair can also be a subtle indicator of what you believe in. For instance, using our ARTAS robotic hair transplant system to make your patchy hairline something closer to what it was when you were a youth can tell others that you care about keeping up appearances and putting a good foot forward. Disheveled hair could be a signal that you like to keep things loose, while neat hair can send a message about how you organize other parts of your life. Factoring what your hair says about you into how you decide to present yourself to the world can make a big difference regarding the assumptions people make about you, and can work for or against you depending on the situation.

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Message 3: Your Personal Standing

It’s not a secret that both of the above messages factor heavily into what people presume your social standing and personality to be based on your appearance. With some exceptions (such as famous musicians or eccentric billionaires), society tends to code messy hair as denoting someone more spontaneous, whereas well-groomed hair indicates a person who is more organized. What your hair says about you may not have anything to do with your life circumstances in reality, but we live in a visual culture, and there’s no changing that people make many of their assessments of others based on first appearances. Devices like the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system can return you to a full head of hair, but what you decide to make of it from there is what’s most important.

Get the Best Treatment at Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant

The great thing about hair is that there’s so much you can do with it, and so much it can mean. There are many ways to interpret what your hair says about you, but one thing is for certain: you won’t find anywhere better at rejuvenating and replenishing your locks than Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant. We’re located in idyllic Bowling Green, Kentucky, and head surgeon Dr. Bernard Salameh has dedicated his career to making sure his patients leave his care at the peak of their beauty, looking exactly how they always dreamed they could. When you make a trip to our facility, you’re making luxury and beautification your destination.

To book an appointment at Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant, get in touch with us today and ask about our rates and availability. You have the chance to decide once and for all what your hair says about you, so don’t let it pass you by. Whether you’re taking a trip to our day spa or taking full advantage of our ARTAS robotic hair transplant procedure, you’re guaranteed to get just what you need from Dr. Salameh and his team, so schedule your appointment today.

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