When to Consider a Breast Reduction

woman in black top for breast reduction

What is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction can remove fat, skin and glandular tissue from the breasts; this results in them being lighter, smaller, more comfortable, and more in proportion to the frame. This may also be paired with a breast lift, which not only makes the breasts smaller, but also shapes and tightens them, repositioning them in a way that makes them more aesthetically pleasing. The results can be immediately discernible after the procedure and should become increasingly more evident over the course of the healing process.

Am I a Good Candidate?

A good candidate for breast reduction surgery is a woman experiencing physical discomfort due to enlarged breasts or dissatisfaction with her current breast size. Before the procedure, you can talk to our surgeon to see if you are a good candidate. You can convey what you want from the surgery, and our surgeon will work with you to attain your aesthetic expectations in a safe and healthy way. This will include instructions on what you can do to prepare for both surgery and recovery.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you’re experiencing discomfort and/or self-consciousness due to oversized breasts, reach out and make an appointment with us at Salameh Plastic Surgery! Our team of compassionate professionals will dedicate themselves to your well-being and help you achieve your aesthetic ideals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! Our office is located in Bowling Green, KY.

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