A Few Things You Should Know Before Getting an Eyelid Lift

woman marked eyes to undergo eyelid lift surgeryBelieve it or not, some people skip the facelift entirely and go straight for the eyelid lift. In fact, many patients seeking a facelift have been told by their surgeons that a simple eyelid lift would do the trick.

Eyelid surgery has become extremely popular recently, and it’s no secret why. Eyelid lifts can help improve appearance and even solve medical issues. But before you convince yourself that you need one right away, here are a few things you should know.

There Are Different Types of Eye Lifts
Just like breast lifts and breast augmentations aren’t the same thing, not all eyelid surgeries are the same. An eye lift usually involves removing skin from the upper eyelid. The second, less common procedure involves correcting the area below the eye. If patients come in with large under-eye bags, the second procedure is usually performed.

Recovery is Usually Very Quick
For an upper lid lift, bruising and swelling tend to be minimal, which means that patients can heal quickly and get on with their lives, much more confident in their appearance. Having skin removed from the lower lid, however, tends to take more healing time.

There Could be Complications
Just like a rhinoplasty or a facelift, there could be complications with eyelid surgery. The most common complications are excessive bleeding or bruising, and in some cases, asymmetry. Fortunately, these complications are extremely rare, thanks to science and newer medical technology.

It’s Not Always Cosmetic
While most eyelid procedures are cosmetic, the truth is that excess skin on the upper lid can actually cause vision issues. Some people’s lids are so heavy that they simply won’t stay up, impairing their vision as a result.

Insurance May Cover the Surgery
If your case is one of those in which vision is obstructed by your eyelids, then insurance may cover the procedure. Many people have tried to cheat the visual field exam that is done to determine if the eyelids are obstructing vision, but a test like that is hard to cheat.

No matter the reason, eyelid surgery is more common than you may think! In fact, 15.9 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures just like this were performed in 2015 alone.

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