Facelift: What to Know Beforehand

woman toned face after surgery

How to Prepare

When you are preparing for a facelift, you will undergo a medical evaluation to see if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. You may also be asked to apply certain products to your face before the procedure, and it is also important that you stop taking certain medications that can increase the likelihood of any issues. It is also important to stop smoking for a set amount of time before and after a facelift.

What is the Recovery Process Like?

Our surgical team will make sure to provide you with post-operative instructions about how to care for yourself after the procedure. In addition, any medication will also be prescribed to ease any discomfort following the procedure. It is important to get plenty of rest after getting a facelift. After a set timeframe, you will be able to resume normal activities that include exercise and returning to work.

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