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One of the most popular areas of our website is our gallery page, and with good reason: there is no better way to show the results that Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant can give you than by literally showing you the results! But what is the exact story behind the hair transplant before and after, the things that make a hairline go from drab and patchy to full and lustrous? We explain some of the workings behind these pictures today!

From Thinning to Thorough

Before and after picture of hairline

Our first picture features our handsome patient who wanted to rejuvenate his thinning, uneven hairline into something with more body and character. To accomplish this, we utilized the ARTAS robot to conduct precision assistance tasks as Dr. Salameh does his work, leading to the striking before and after for this hair transplant that you see before you. By taking the busywork away from the typical transplant procedure, ARTAS makes it much easier for our cosmetic surgeons to produce the kinds of revelatory hair transplant photos we showcase on our site.

From Balding to Bountiful

Top-down picture of hair transplant before and after

This handsome patient had an early in development case of a very common type of male pattern baldness: instead of starting at the forehead and working its way back down the neck, this hair transplant before and after showcases an instance of the balding process starting at the center of the scalp and creating an outward-spreading effect across the rest of his head. We were able to amend his situation by using PRP rejuvenation therapy, also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy. By injecting plasma, rich in growth factor, directly into the follicles at the top of his head, our medical team was able to encourage hair growth in a totally organic, noninvasive way that, as you can see, managed to bring him fantastic results!

The Whole Picture

Multiple pictures of hair transplant before and after

Sometimes, the best way to show our patient what the hair transplant before and after process is truly like is to really go through the motions: not just a picture from right before and right after, but with something that showcases every stage of the process with each other. In this collage of hair transplant photos, we wanted to represent every stage of the hair transplant process, from the moments before receiving the procedure to the moments after the first grafts are applied, to finally the moment that gives all our clients such joy: the point in the hair transplant procedure where before becomes after and the process results in a total rejuvenation of your natural hair. We never want our patients to be surprised by what certain stages of the process may result in, and these photos are a good way of reassuring them that no matter what your hairline looks like in the middle of the process, it is how it looks when every part of the process is complete that really counts!

Other Points of Reference

There are other ways to get a good grasp of the hair transplant before and after journey in addition to looking at the pictures themselves. For example, this blog post details the commonly used Norwood Scale of Hair Loss to show what you might be going through in terms of what the medical community would identify, as opposed to direct visual reference. And while some people may not even be aware of its existence, if you are going through female pattern baldness, you should know that you are definitely not alone, and that many of the before and after hair transplant concepts for male pattern baldness hold true for this condition as well. There are all kinds of ways a person can lose their hair, but as a multitude of these hair transplant photos and other resources have shown, almost all of them can be fixed with the help of ARTAS, PRP rejuvenation therapy, and the exceptional staff at Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant.

Start Your Journey with Salameh Plastic Surgery Today

At Salameh Hair Transplant, we are dedicated to making sure that each one of our before and after hair transplant pictures represents the best that our staff and plastic surgeon can provide, and that every single one of our patients could work just as well as an example picture. When you choose to have your procedure with Dr. Salameh, you are choosing a company that cares deeply about every last one of its patients as well as the communities that they come from. Our practice is not just about making sure the before and after process of your hair transplant goes smoothly at all stages, but that it results in a better life for yourself and the confidence you care about too.

To turn these hair transplant photos into a reality for yourself and start showcasing the head of hair you have always wanted, send us a message now and ask about our rates and availability. We are willing to accommodate the financial needs of our patients with financing options, so they can enjoy the benefits of the before and after stages of a hair transplant. Take the next step in cosmetic surgery today and meet the team at Salameh Plastic Surgery!

The Facts Behind the Pictures

The Facts Behind the Pictures

ARTAS Hair Transplant

  • Salameh Plastic Surgery frequently uses the ARTAS robot for hair transplants
  • This cutting-edge technology combines precision and efficiency to help the Plastic Surgeon get perfect hair transplant results every time
  • ARTAS has largely rendered traditional hair grafts obsolete thanks to its cost, ease of use, and consistently high-quality results

PRP Rejuvenation Therapy

  • PRP is short for platelet-rich plasma and uses the patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth
  • This noninvasive procedure is simple to implement, comfortable to undergo, and creates results within a matter of weeks
  • It can be used as a great supplement for hair transplants, letting hair grow naturally in places the patient may be uncomfortable having grafted

Other Information

  • Check the Norwood Scale of Hair Loss to see what kind of hair loss you may be experiencing and how to fix it
  • Female pattern baldness is as much a reality as male pattern baldness, and many of the same techniques can be used to treat it
  • No matter what kind of hair loss you are experiencing, you can find a solution for it at Salameh Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant.

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