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Our Guide To Preparing For Your Consultation

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We’ve all had to transfer many of the most familiar parts of life to the digital realm, so it should come as no surprise that plastic surgery has made the transition to the world of webcams and Zoom calls as well. Your digital plastic surgery consultation can be just as rewarding and informative as an in-person experience, which is why we have come up with a few tips for getting ready for your appointment.

1. Do Not Be Nervous

Talking to a plastic surgeon about your upcoming procedure can make you feel vulnerable at the best of times, and adding the wildcard of telecommunication into the mix can make you feel apprehensive. Be assured that Dr. Salameh is considered a world-class expert for a reason: whether your plastic surgery consultation takes place in person or over the Internet, he will take every step to make sure you feel comfortable and that your beauty needs are being met.

2. Be Aware of Your Goals

It is always a good idea to visit a plastic surgeon with a precise idea of what you want, and for your virtual plastic surgery consultation, this is equally important. Whether you are planning a simple touch-up for your skin or wish to undergo our unique lipedema surgery, entering your plastic surgery consultation with exactly what you have in mind for your own personal beauty goals will help ensure those goals are met by the time you leave our facility.

3. Do Some Personal Research

The professionals at Salameh Plastic Surgery will always be able to give you great advice on what kinds of procedures you should get and why, but doing your own personal research never hurts! Going into your plastic surgery consultation knowing what kinds of procedures we offer, what they entail, and how they may affect you will lead to a far more productive meeting than if you were to come in blind. Our blog is a fantastic resource for learning all about the various ways we can improve your body, skin, and hair.

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4. Make Sure Your Tech is Good to Go

While our virtual plastic surgery consultation can accommodate Internet speeds and computer/phone setups of all kinds on the patient end, it will always go more smoothly if the connection is strong and the patient is clearly visible and audible on the other end. Before your plastic surgery consultation commences, make sure you have a working mic and camera, that you understand the basics of Zoom and Skype, and that you will be communicating from a location that has a reliable Internet connection.

5. Feel Free to Ask Anything

If you have looked up some of our procedures yourself and listened to what our staff has told you, you have a pretty good idea of what awaits you when you come into Salameh Plastic Surgery, MedSpa, Hair Transplant, and Skin Care. But there may always be things that occur to you at the last moment or that were not clear from the first explanation given at your plastic surgery consultation, so if you find that to be the case, follow up or ask again! We want you to know everything you need to make the best decisions for your personal beauty goals, and there are no wrong questions when it comes to plastic surgery, so come into your meeting with the knowledge that you can always ask us anything.

Become Your Best Self at Salameh Skin Care and Plastic Surgery 

Covid-19 may have changed the way you’re most comfortable conducting your plastic surgery consultation, but it has not altered a single thing about our commitment to excellence. Patients love us for our ability to see to their goals and ensure their comfort every step of the way, and no matter what global circumstances may occur, your personal beauty standards will always remain our top priority. Your plastic surgery consultation may be virtual, but when you begin your procedure in person, you will know that you have made the right choice.

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