Plastic Surgery Instagram Trends That Are Breaking the Internet

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When it comes to plastic surgery, Instagram is arguably the best social media platform online to see the incredible possibilities of cosmetic procedures. Before and after transformations have inspired countless people to change their lives and improve their self-confidence with gorgeous, natural-looking results.

Here are the latest plastic surgery trends we at Salameh Plastic Surgery are seeing all over social media this year.

Brow Lifts

Lackluster brows can make you look tired or flat. Humans communicate a great deal through facial expressions, especially the eyes! When brows don’t correctly convey what we want them too, it can lead to miscommunication. 

Brow lifts, as the name would suggest, raise and shape your brows into the desired position to make you look younger and brighter. Certain brow lifts also give you the added benefit of reducing forehead wrinkles and moving your hairline. With the push for on-point, refined brows taking over social media in recent years, this is one of the biggest plastic surgery Instagram trends out there.


The popular term for rhinoplasty is a “nose job.” The nose is one of the most prominent facial features, and plastic surgery Instagram trends are always displaying dramatic changes in someone’s profile by even a simple surgery that enhances and beautifies the contours of a face. 

Not only can rhinoplasty make your nose look Insta-worthy, but it can also improve your physical health–rhinoplasty can correct a deviated septum, allowing airflow through your nose and improving breathing during sleep. 

Lip Fillers

You can’t mention plastic surgery Instagram trends without mentioning plump lips! Having full, luscious lips can transform your whole look, giving you a youthful appearance and making you want to wear extra lipstick.

Lip augmentation can be a relatively simple and inexpensive treatment. The look is totally attainable with a variety of lip fillers. Dermal fillers takes a few minutes and will have you rocking that pout on Instagram sooner than you think.

Cheekbone Fillers

When we think of fantastic cheekbones, we think of supermodels like Bella Hadid or movie stars like Angelina Jolie. There’s no doubt that sharp cheekbones have a striking effect on the face, and that’s why injectables for the face and cheeks have been doing numbers on plastic surgery Instagram lately.

Cheek fillers can restore your facial bone structure for a healthier, more contoured look. They can be used to restore and replenish volume loss and define your facial bone structure resulting in a rejuvenated appearance. You’ll feel more attractive and confident. Due to these enhancements, you’ll have a stunning and striking profile. 

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Dr. Salameh is a renowned, double-board certified plastic surgeon based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Beyond his skill and experience, he is known for his transformative natural-looking results and his thoughtful approach to patient care. 

If you’re after a jaw-dropping Instagram face that will enhance your confidence and self-esteem, we encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!

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