Preparing for ARTAS Hair Restoration, Step by Step

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We know how much hair loss can affect your confidence, which is why we are here to help you find solutions that work. There are treatments available today that can help you regain your natural hairline and restore your hair in a minimally-invasive way. We offer ARTAS hair restoration, which uses robotic technology for precision surgery on individual follicles of the scalp without damaging adjacent healthy tissue or nerves.

What Is ARTAS?

The next generation in hair restoration technology has arrived. This robotic system uses artificial intelligence to detect and harvest the best follicles for safe transplantations while preserving a natural appearance.

ARTAS hair restoration uses technology developed by Restoration Robotics that is designed to produce realistic-looking transplants without leaving a linear scar. This innovative system analyzes and dissects the graft thousands of times, achieving an effortless individualized result without worry about the appearance of your hairline or scars on your scalp.

How Does It Work?

The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System is a minimally-invasive solution to hair loss which makes it easier to prepare for hair transplant. It allows for the preservation of healthy existing hairs as well as an increased density and volume in transplanted areas without scarring due to its robotic precision. Following the procedure, it only takes six months to begin seeing fantastic, thicker locks.

ARTAS Robot vs. Traditional Hair Transplant

ARTAS hair restoration technology has revolutionized the process of hair transplant. The traditional hair transplant procedure required surgeons to dissect thousands of follicles from donor areas manually via grafts, but the physician-assisted robot technology allows surgeons to precisely harvest every graft at all times, removing potential for human errors and fat accumulation between follicles.

Benefits of ARTAS

ARTAS is a laser hair restoration procedure that offers many advantages to women and men who want to reverse the effects of hair loss. The precision of robotics, combined with advances in digital technology, provides accuracy and speed which leads to less downtime for patients. This technology also means there are no scars left behind from surgery or stitches needed during recovery. With this non-invasive technique, patients can expect an almost painless procedure with no scalpel or staples needed to close wounds. The natural-looking result will leave you feeling confident in your appearance after just one treatment!

How Do I Prepare?

Dr. Salameh and his team will explain how to prepare for a hair transplant. Please follow their instructions carefully so you can have an ARTAS hair restoration experience that’s as comfortable as possible. It would be great if you can shorten your hair to 1mm in length for the day of your procedure, as this helps the ARTAS system select the best possible hairs for transplant. It can also be helpful to wear clothes that are buttoned down because they will be easy to remove after the procedure. 

The Treatment Experience

The ARTAS hair restoration procedure is minimally invasive. The recovery time for a new graft is much quicker than in traditional transplants. There’s no incision involved, which means there will be minimal pain and you’ll recover more quickly! Most patients heal within two weeks without needing any further treatment. 

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If you are considering a hair transplant, ARTAS may be the best option. It is an FDA-approved procedure with very little downtime and provides excellent results. We at Salameh Hair Transplant want to help you get the most out of your ARTAS experience and see how we can make this process easier and more comfortable. To know more about ARTAS hair restoration and how you can prepare for a hair transplant, call us today!

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