Tummy Tucks Have Serious Medical Benefits for Post-Pregnancy Bodies

woman pinching big belly Plastic surgery has a bad reputation in some circles, but some surgeries are necessary and have amazing health benefits. From rhinoplasty to botox, there are genuine medical reasons that people undergo plastic surgery.

Tummy tucks and liposuction are popular among mothers who have recently given birth. Sagging skin and excess baby weight often have moms feeling less sexy and confident. If you’re a mother who is contemplating surgery because of these issues, you’re not the only one. But did you know that a tummy tuck can help with other postpartum-related health issues as well?

Urinary Incontinence

After a natural birth, many women develop urinary incontinence. Coughing, sneezing, exercising, and laughing can all cause bladder leakage, no matter how many times you relieve yourself.

While incontinence can often be treated without surgery, a tummy tuck can often help fix the problem as well. A small obstruction near the bladder can be created using pelvic soft tissue, reducing incontinence.


Multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss can cause stomach muscles to stretch out and become distended. No matter how many crunches or other abdominal exercises you do, or how well you eat, some extra skin may always hang off of your belly.

Abdominoplasty can tighten the muscles by bringing them closer to the body while reducing extra skin and fat as well.

Better Posture

Weak abdominal muscles can be associated with significant back problems. If you are unable to keep your core up straight, you may have lordosis, or sway back. After abdominoplasty, patients notice that their tighter stomach muscles help keep them sitting and standing up straight, reducing back pain.

Risks and Rewards

Abdominoplasty is growing in popularity and is often a preferred method of weight loss over liposuction. While candidates for liposuction should be within 30% of their ideal body weights, tummy tucks don’t have a goal weight ideal.

Abdominoplasty often removes up to 10 pounds of stomach fat in addition to excess skin. Like any surgery, there are risks of complications and infections.

For many, the medical and cosmetic benefits are worth it. Dr. Salameh can help you refine your tummy and help you take care of other post-pregnancy health problems as well. To book a consultation, call our office at (270) 228-3708, or fill out the appointment form.

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