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How to Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can occasionally require recovery time. But there are some specific tips and tricks you can use when preparing for cosmetic surgery that can make recuperation easier and enhance the end result. Follow these instructions from Salameh Plastic Surgery before your procedure for your easiest and most effective enhancement ever!

Follow Dr. Salameh’s Instructions

“Follow instructions” comes first because it’s the #1 most important thing. This overrides any other tip on the list. Dr. Salameh is an expert in the world of plastic surgery, so if there’s something that he recommends before your procedure, it should be your highest priority.

Instructions typically include avoiding aspirin, Ibuprofen, and NSAIDs, along with alcohol and strenuous exercise. There are often additional instructions as well, based on the procedure. But the most important thing is that if you’re preparing for cosmetic surgery and Dr. Salameh recommends something specifically, always do it.

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Set up Your Recovery Space

Some procedures involve recoveries that require you to take it easy or sleep in specific positions, like facelifts. If that’s what you’ll be dealing with, take the time to set up your recovery space ahead of time while preparing for cosmetic surgery.

Patients sometimes like to rent hospital beds to make sleeping easier. And it doesn’t hurt to prepare stationary activities, like moving your TV in front of your bed, or making sure you have a stack of books and magazines nearby. Also, be sure to fill prescriptions early and keep them in the recovery space.

Take Care of People and Work

There are nonsurgical procedures that only take less than an hour and will even let you go right back to work. But some surgical procedures require at least a few days of pure rest, if not a few weeks. Don’t forget to plan for that when preparing for cosmetic surgery.

This can involve taking time off of work and booking a caretaker if you’ll need one. If you’re getting a mommy makeover, you’ll most likely need to hire someone to take care of your children. Anyone else who depends on you should be aware that you’ll be out of commission for a little while as you get your beautiful results.

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Stop Smoking

Even without surgery, smoking inherently has a negative effect on your skin and overall appearance. But it’s even more important to stop smoking at least two weeks beforehand when you’re preparing for cosmetic surgery because nicotine can affect your recovery.

Smoking restricts your blood flow, which is extra critical after surgery. As tissue is usually moved, it needs the oxygen that blood provides to recover. If you’re smoking, the oxygen won’t reach the affected tissue, which can potentially cause necrosis. That makes plastic surgery a great opportunity to quit smoking since you definitely have to stop before your procedure. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

On the other hand, a healthy diet is a great way to aid your recovery! Preparing for cosmetic surgery by having nutritious meals on hand ensures that enough vitamins and nutrients get into your system, speed up your body’s natural healing process, and help you get back on your feet ASAP!

Both healthy eating habits and quitting smoking fit in with Dr. Salameh’s 360-degree approach to beauty. While surgery can be a great tool for achieving your dream body, the only way to get results that last is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have targeted procedures to supplement it.

When you’re preparing for cosmetic surgery with Salameh Plastic Surgery, our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you get ready. Our goal is to make sure that you are as comfortable and supported as possible so you can feel great about getting gorgeous natural results that you’ll love!


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