Mommy Matters: Breastfeeding With Implants

Many women wonder if breastfeeding after implants is an option. The good news is that, in most cases, it is! At Salameh Plastic Surgery, we’re here to walk you through whether or not breastfeeding is viable for you if you’re considering or are pregnant with a child. Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether or not you can breastfeed with implants.

Where The Incisions Were Made

Implants are inserted in the breast using the subfascial method. 

  1. The most common implants are inserted in the crease under your breast. This means that no ducts and nipples were affected in the process, and your chances of being able to breastfeed with implants are very high.
  2. The area of insertion that is most likely to cause difficulties breastfeeding is around the areola.  If the sensitivity of your nipple is affected, this could affect your milk supply. You will likely be able to breastfeed with implants, but again, you’ll need to consult with your surgeon to make sure.

Why The Breast Augmentation Was Done

People get breast augmentation procedures done for many reasons, but the ability to breastfeed after implants is a separate matter.

If you had symmetrical breasts and simply wanted to increase their size, you are not likely to have any issues breastfeeding. 

If you had a breast augmentation procedure as a result of breast tissue not developing properly, you may not have had the glands that enable lactation even before the procedure. This may be the case if you had very flat breasts. 

In any case, the vast majority of women who receive the benefits of beautiful, natural looking breast implants, are able to breastfeed with implants with no complications.

Consult Your Plastic Surgeon

If at any point you found yourself unable to answer the above questions, consult the plastic surgeon who performed the initial operation. If you had your breast augmentation surgery at Salameh Plastic Surgery, we’d be happy to talk you through how best to breastfeed after implants.

If you’re considering getting breast implants before a future pregnancy and want to be able to breastfeed with implants, discuss this in detail with your surgeon before deciding to go through with the procedure. He or she can reassure you, and walk you through the best ways to make sure your baby is nourished safely and naturally, even after your surgery.

Choose Salameh Plastic Surgery

Dr. Salameh has helped many satisfied patients transform their self-image and their life through surgical and non-surgical procedures. If you’re considering breast augmentation and pregnancy, or if you have questions about breastfeeding with implants, we would be happy to discuss options with you. Simply contact us to schedule an appointment at our Bowling Green, Kentucky office today.

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