Our Guide to Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast reduction is a comparably easy surgery. Especially when compared to other types of breast augmentation, it’s faster and usually takes less recovery time. Learn about what to expect from a breast reduction and lift. Salameh Plastic Surgery is here to walk you through the procedure.

Consulting with Your Plastic Surgeon

A consultation with your plastic surgeon is one of the first and most important steps of your breast reduction journey. In general, surgeons enjoy performing reduction mammoplasties because patients are typically thrilled with the beautifully natural results after the fact. That’s what all doctors want: for their patients to be happy and satisfied with the result.

During your consultation, you can share your vision of yourself with your doctor. Let him or her know your concerns and your desires with this surgery. Describe the goal, or goals, that you ultimately want to achieve, including any desire for a breast lift.

The Ins and Outs of the Procedure

In many cases, a reduction can be an outpatient procedure. Once you’re all scheduled and set, you’ll likely receive anesthesia, which will keep you from experiencing discomfort or becoming hypersensitive to any pain that occurs after the surgery. Typically, recovery time for a breast reduction and lift is easy.

The procedure itself consists of the surgeon making an incision on the breasts. Through the incision, the surgeon will remove any extra fat, along with glandular tissue and excess skin.

Incisions tend to differ between surgeons and patients. At Salameh Plastic Surgery, we use the lollipop technique. This technique is ideal for a moderate lift, and the elements include a sizing down of the areola, lifting/elevation of the nipple, and elimination of excess skin. In addition, the lollipop technique results in a simpler recovery and less scarring for the most natural appearance possible.

What to Expect After Surgery

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Your surgeon is likely to give you a special surgical bra after your breast reduction. These bras fit snugly and feature front clasps, which help to support your breasts as they heal by ensuring that the incisions aren’t bearing the brunt of their weight. The front clasps make it easy to remove and to fasten when you put it on again. This depends on the doctor, but you can also ask. The bra isn’t necessary, but it is helpful. It can provide comfort while keeping your breasts stabilized as they heal. You should only have to wear it for two weeks or so after the reduction procedure, at which point you can switch to a well-fitting sports bra.

Following a breast reduction and lift, Dr. Salameh and staff will be available for follow up care and questions. Our top priority remains to make sure that you get the natural results and new contours you’re looking for, and that we boost your confidence in the process.  

To schedule your breast reduction, call Salameh Plastic Surgery for a consultation.

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